Mini Anti-Lost Key Finder - Bluetooth Tracker for Keys

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This key finder is the most affordable from our whole collection of portable key trackers . Though we have much more ' premium tech ' trackers like the Baseus Air and Baseus Max , but if you are looking for just a simple straight forward gadget for finding your lost keys , then go for it , this one is pretty cool
    • MULTI - USE | UPTO 10 TRACKERS- This awesome gadget can be of great utility as a car keys finder , wallet locator , phone locator , GPS tracker , pet finder and valuables finder . The best part is that you can connect upto 10 key trackers to the app and thus it makes it more of a item management system rather than just an item finder gadget
    • SIMPLE FUNCTION , TWO WAY TRACKING- Its pretty simple to use even if you have not used any key locator before . Connect the device to your car keys or wallet using a keyring or just put it in the side slot . Now when you lose your stuff , open the smartphone app and press the ' Find ' button to make it ping and beep with continuous sound . Also you can use ' Find Your Phone ' by manually pressing the button on the tracker and this feature really comes in handy
    • REAL TIME MAPS TRACKING- Thanks to the upgraded Tsesnse technology , now you can even check the real time location of your important items in Maps via the app . Plus when you go out of the tracking range or forget behind your items , it automatically beeps and reminds you to get them
    • REMOTE CAMERA AND RECORDER- This is the most exciting spec of this car key tracker . When connected , you can use it as a remote device for taking super awesome selfies and rear shots from your phone's camera and also for turning the recorder on / off ( #SpyVibes 😉 )
    • BLUETOOTH 5.0 - ANDROID / IOS- The multi-lingual smartphone app is available for both Android and iOS and the connection is powered by Bluetooth 5.0 thus providing universal applicability . You only have to pair the key trackers 1st time and then the app automatically reminds and stores them ( you can also rename the trackers )
    • LONG BATTERY LIFE , RANGE , SOUND -Being powered by your standard CR2032 batteries , these mini key finders get a battery life of about a year which is great . The Nmax® 2 chip gives it a tracking range of 90 ft so you can locate your important items all around the house . The beep sound is tested 80 db which is standard for most of the bluetooth key locators