The Baseus® Air | World's Best Bluetooth Key Finder


" An average American spends about 12 days in a year on finding his/her lost stuff " We don't know if that's true or not , but one thing that's true is that this mini key finder by Baseus® is a tech masterpiece . Its one of our products where technical architecture , built and utility converge and it is hands down our Staff Pick for the Best Key Tracker Device of 2021 ( blind buy it on our recommendation 🥸 ) 

    • WHY BUY THIS - Two Reasons : 1. Its gonna make your life so much more easier . You literally will never have to spend more than 10 seconds to find and track your car keys , wallet and other valuables . 2. This is hard core GREY TECHNOLOGIES premium tech - that's what we specialise in - featuring cutting edge innovative gadgets that revolutionise your daily tasks
    • PROPRIETARY BASUES CHIP - Its the upgraded 5.0 BS21 Core 7 microchip that gives this Bluetooth key tracker a remarkable 80 m range , the finest GPS tracking system and a highly efficient single click anti-lost tracking . The sound volume is 80 - 100 db thus providing the best possible accessibility no matter where you kept ( or threw ) you stuff
    • HOW TO USE- So connect the Baseus® Air key finder to your car keys using the included keyring or simply put it in your wallet's pocket or inside the bag . Now whenever you can't remember where you kept them , just go to the Baseus Smart app and click on the ' Find ' button . The dual-trajectory sensors detect the ping within 0.34 seconds and the key locator start beeping and thus finding your stuff becomes a piece of cake
    • THE OFFICIAL BASEUS APP- The flagship Baseus Smart App which is available for both Android & iOS via Bluetooth 5.0 lets you bind and mange upto 6 important items , rename them per convenience , check Real Time Location and of course use the basic Find & Beep function . Plus , the app now supports 18 global languages adding to the ease of use
    • FIND YOU PHONE FUNCTION - Not only can you locate your important items but also find your smartphone in case you forgot where you kept . Simply double click the smart ultralight button on your Baseus Air device and your phone will start ringing ( no matter where you kept it or even if you kept on ' Silent Mode ' )
    • DISCONNECTION REMINDER | NEXT GEN ANTI-LOST TRACKING- One of the effectual features is that in case you lost behind your car keys or wallet , the phone and key locator will detect it via the Gwave sensor and will beep to remind you that you are disconnected . Also you can mange DND areas , On/Off alarm via the app while also checking live location in the Google Maps
    • CHARGING - THE BEST PART- 😎 This is the word's first and only key finder that has a rechargeable in-house battery that can be recharged via the included USB Cable thus giving it those extra years of durability and efficiency . It takes about 45 minutes to fully charge and lasts 2.5-3 months ( yes , thank us later )
    • THE DESIGN- Amazon may not even feature this gadget on their store but still this is unmistakably the coolest key tracker ever designed . The ultra-mini chip like design looks like a freaking James Bond gadget and is surely gonna be one of the best tech you will purchase in 2021 . Also guys do check out the previous model the Baseus® Max Key Locator