Baseus® Car Key Finder Device | Advanced Bluetooth Tracker

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If you are tense of your problem of throwing car's keys or other important stuff in some corner of your sofa and then spending 2 hours to look for it and then getting late for office and then having a crappy day , you are not alone . You are a part of the 340 million people who lose their car keys everyday ( we just made that up ) . But don't worry ,we have collaborated with Baseus® to launch this super advanced car key finder and you never would have to face the same problem again 

    • STATE OF THE ART ANTI - LOST TECHNOLOGY- The Baseus® key finder works on the proprietary two-way GPS Trajectory system which allows you to easily track your car keys , wallet etc . while providing numerous other features like beep alarm , reminder and Find my Phone 
    • REALLY SIMPLE TO USE- The mini thin key tracker device has a keyring slot and you can attach it to your car keys or just put in the pocket of your wallet . Now download the official smartphone app ( available for both Android and iOS ) and pair it to the bluetooth tracker . You can now use real time tracking and GPS finding to alway keep track your essentials 
    • LOUD BEEP SOUND- In case you can't find your keys , just open the smartphone app and click on the ' find ' button to make the device beep . The inbuilt Ster® detection sensors provide large area coverage with the most accurate detection and high pitch audible beep sound 
    • REVERSE MAPPING SEARCH- The device supports dual way mapping which means you can also find your smartphone by just manually pressing the button on the key tracker . It becomes really convenient and you can easily find where you kept your phone 
    • REMINDER WHEN DISCONNECTED- When you move out of the tracking radius i.e 30 metres , you automatically receive a notification that you have left the keys or your wallet behind 
    • REAL TIME GOOGLE MAPS- Even when disconnected , you can view the last location of your keys inside the smartphone app thus allowing you to trace it and recover 
    • MULTI -USE APPLICATION- The Baseus® key finder device is not just a perfect bluetooth tracker for lost car keys but also applicable for safeguarding your other valuables including wallets , document folders , briefcase , laptop bag etc .
    • MULTIPLE TRACKING WITH ONE APP- If you buy more than 1 bluetooth trackers , all of the devices can be paired and controlled through one single app which comes in really handy 
    • 360 DAYS BATTERY LIFE- The inbuilt 3V / 75 mAh polymer battery gives the key finder a battery life of about an year and can be easily replaced when out of charge
    • THE DESIGN AND BUILT - This a premium product by Baseus and is the world's most efficient and advanced key finder device . The clever slim design coupled with an equally minimalistic matte finish look great when attached to your car keys and is surely on of the most useful gadgets ever 


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