Retekess® 6 in 1 Best Tracker for Keys

The working of this smart key finder is exactly the same as that of our Findem® Multi-Device Key Tracker & the Todman® 4 in 1 Tracker . Its just the difference in design and this one too allows you to manage and locate 6 important devices simultaneously with one single remote ( no app or Bluetooth required )
    • HOW IT WORKS - TECH BEHIND- So this simple intelligent gadget features 1 Head Transmitter ( The Remote ) and 6 Colour Coded Receivers which are all bonded together by HCPlus frequency technology . This is one of the most advanced wireless tracking technologies and ensures precise tracking , zero lag time whilst avoiding false alarms
    • SUPER EASY TO USE- Finding your lost important items could never have been so effortless before . Just attach any of the coloured receivers to your important items ( keys , wallets etc. ) using the included keychain . Now in case you misplaced any item , just press the corresponding colour button on the remote to make the key locator beep with a high pitched 90db sound
    • RANGE , BATTERY & SOUND- The tracking range is upto 90-100 ft indoors and about 130 ft outdoors thus giving you wider tracking perspective . The beep sound is carefully tested making it perfectly audible for all situations and corners . Both the remote as well as the receivers are powered by CR2032 coin batteries ( included ) which provide a battery life of nearly an year
    • LED LIGHT FLASH- Not only beep , but the key finders are also equipped with flashing LED lights which makes it convenient to locate items in dark , from under car seats or corners
    • DOCK FOR THE REMOTE- The silicone ABS dock for the remote allows you to mount it on any desk or table . The key trackers are lined by HT colour material which looks awesome as keyring too . Overall the design is really minimalistic and is perfect for modern smart homes