FindEm® Multi-Device Key Finder ( Bluetooth Tracker for Keys , Wallets, Folders )

The bluetooth key finding technology just got to a whole another level . Now with our FindEm tracker , you can keep track of 5 different essentials and that too with a single remote control . No more spending extra 20 minutes finding your car keys or wallet , we really got you covered !!!
    • TRACK MULTIPLE ITEMS -Using the proprietary GPS Mapping technology , the device features 1 Main Transmitter ( Remote ) and 5 Colour-Coded Receivers and thus you can track 5 different important items simultaneously with one single remote
    • SUPER SIMPLE TO USE- The working is absolutely straight forward and requires no complex installations . Just attach the transmitters ( coloured key finders ) to any of your important items like car keys , wallet , documents folder etc, using the included Keychain or Adhesives . Now if you loose track of any item , just press the corresponding colour on the remote and you can easily find the lost item by following the loud 80 db beeping sound
    • IMPRESSIVE 100 FT RANGE - You'll be able to find your lost goods no matter where they are. Radio frequency can easily penetrates though walls, cushions and doors to find the lost item up to within 100ft thus providing you whole house coverage
    • ULTRA LONG BATTERY LIFE- Being powered by replaceable CR2032 batteries , the device has a remarkable battery life of 365 days thus adding to the convenience ( Because of shipping restrictions , we have not included the CR2032 batteries , you can easily get it from nearly any local store )
    • THE DESIGN- The FindEm® bluetooth key finder boasts of a super sleek minimalistic design with a gorgeous 5 colour hue . Plus we have included a storage dock and you can easily place the remote on your cabinets or wall