Todman® 4 in 1 Key Tracker - Best Key Locator / Lost Item Finder

This is one of the most useful ' life hack ' gadget we have ever brought for you . You literally will never again waste your time on finding misplaced items all around your home . Plus , this key finder device features 1 Remote with 4 Tracker Receivers which means that you can keep track of multiple items all with a single remote !!!
    • TRACK 4 ITEMS AT ONCE- Using this unique tracker for keys , you can locate 4 important items simultaneously . The device features 4 colour coded receivers and one main transmitter ( the remote ) which makes it really convenient to keep track of car keys , wallet , documents folder , pet , remote etc.
    • HOW TO USE- No Smartphone App or Pairing required . The 4 colour receivers ( key finders ) are calibrated with the remote using the proprietary GSS 20 Radio technology . So in case you lose your car keys , just press the corresponding colour button on your remote and the receiver starts beeping with a loud 80 db sound so you can easily find where you kept them
    • REMARKABLE RANGE | QUICK TRACKING- The upgraded Macer® chip provides a range of 40-50 metres to the key trackers . Plus the GSS pairing send the signals at a really high speed and the receivers beep immediately as you press the button
    • THE REMOTE- There's more !!! The transmitter remote has an inbuilt LED light which can be controlled by the side button and thus it helps to enhance visibility and find stuff in dark or from under sofas and corners . Also the remote comes with a storage dock so you can place it firmly on the centre table or living room cabinet
    • BATTERY LIFE- The remote is powered by 2 x AAA Batteries so it has a battery life of like forever ( 365 days ) and the colour coded receivers i.e the key finders are powered by single CR2032 battery ( 220 days battery life ) . Cause of shipping restrictions , we haven't included batteries in the package - you can get them from any local store
    • THE DESIGN- The design details and construction is stunning and looks really minimalistic , making it the perfect tracking gadget for your smart home . Its very versatile and proves of great use as a car keys locator , wallet finder , purse finder , remote locator , luggage tracker , pet tracker or even a great gift idea for your forgetful friends and grandparents