NUT® Mini Original Smart Car Keys Tracker - iTag + Android Key Locator

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This smart key finder by NUT is one of our best-selling from the whole range of Bluetooth Key Trackers and surely does impress with the unique minimalistic design and ultra long range . It is universally compatible with both Android and iOS and is certainly one of the most useful car accessories you'll ever buy
    • PROPRIETARY NUT TECHNOLOGY- This key finder is a flagship gadget under the smart home range by NUT and features GKTrack+ Bluetooth technology which provides for the most effective and quick item detection , prevents from false alarms and integrates seamlessly with Google Maps
    • FIND YOUR LOST STUFF EASILY- The working of this bluetooth key tracker is very straight forward . If you can't find your important items , like say car keys - just open your smartphone , go to the official Nut App and just press the beep button . Your Nut Tracker will automatically start beeping with a loud 120 db high pitch sound until you recover your lost stuff
    • DISCONNECTION ALARM- The best part is that when your turn on this feature , the app will automatically notify you when you leave behind your important items like car keys , wallet , folder etc. It comes in really handy and saves a lot of time
    • GOOGLE MAPS REAL TIME LOCATION- Thanks to the upgraded Core16 calibration , you can now even check the real time location of your misplaced items ( if they are attached to the Nut Key Tracker ) via the smartphone app . The app which is available on both Play Store and App Store , works via Bluetooth 5.0 thus providing universal compatibility
    • BIDIRECTIONAL PAIRING ( FIND MY PHONE )- This is another great function cause in case you forgot where you kept your smartphone , your Nut Device and your phone will automatically beep and remind you to grab it
    • THE BATTERY LIFE- Powered by a single CR2016 replaceable battery ( included ) , you get a battery life of about an year which adds to the convenience
    • ULTRA LONG RANGE | MULTI -DEVICE TRACKING- The ' NAFAS ' algorithm has extended the tracking range upto 40-50 metres which makes Nut Mini one of the most powerful key finders ever . Plus , the app lets you track upto 6 Nut Trackers simultaneously and you can manage multiple items at once
    • SASSY DESIGN- This is probably one of the slimmest and coolest looking key finders ever designed ( of course after our Baseus® Air and Baseus® Max Key Tracker ) . The included keyring string and 3M magnets let you attach it to any item like car keys , wallet , documents folder , pet collar , suitcase , remote etc.