Joyroom® Magnetic Wireless Car Charger | MagSafe Compatible

The new Joyroom® magnetic wireless charger is one of the best car accessories you'll ever purchase . Not only you'll be blown away by the upgraded magnetic suction technology but also by the 15 W Turbo Power it provides . Its compatible with MagSafe also and compatible with all Qi phones including both Android and iOS 
    • MAGNETIC WIRELESS CHARGING - The inbuilt N26 Neodymium Magnets ( 6 inbuilt ) allow you to mount your phone directly onto the device without any needs of clamps or arms . Its compatible with both MagSafe and non-MagSafe Cases and the upgraded suction force technology provides maximum safety and stability to your phone 
    • ONE HANDED OPERATION- This wireless car charger works on magnetic mechanism so you just have too simply place the phone on the screen and it automatically starts charging . There is no need of locating the centre coil . The charger has to be installed in the air vents of your car using the included angular clip 
    • 360° ROTATION- The back angular clip allows you to rotate the phone horizontally and vertically 360° for the most comfortable mounting experience thus letting you enjoy movies , podacasts and navigation on the go 
    • 15 W OUTPUT POWER- This features is a major upgrade from our Bonola® Car Wireless Charger . The innovative M4 Core 5.0 Coil technology allowed Joyroom to integrate 15 W turbo charging and that too in such a small surface area . The speed you get with this charger is just awesome and can reach to about 2-2.8 times higher than normal wireless chargers 
    • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY FOR BOTH ANDROID AND IOS - The Joyroom® wireless charger for car is compatible with all Qi supported phones . The iron ring included in the package allows safe mounting of your phone onto the magnetic screen 
    • INTERNAL CIRCUIT SECURITY- This is a tech beast in terms of chargin safety . The 6 inbuilt protection areas namely - heat dissipation , voltage detector , overcharge control ( output ) , overcharge control ( input ) , short circuit protection and foreign object detection ensures that both the wireless charger and your smartphone are 100% safe and doesn't offer with the internal components 
    • ESSENTIAL MAGSAFE ACCESSORY- This is one of the most useful MagSafe Accessories and the compatibility is really seamless . Works perfectly with iPhone 12 / Pro / Mini / Max and other before models . If you are using thick phone case , please attach the included iron rings onto the cover whether your are using Android or iOS . Also check out the HaloLock Wireless Charger if you are only looking for a MagSafe specific charger 
    • COOL DESIGN- This is the perfect choice if you are looking for a wireless charger that is highly efficient and at the same time looks great and consumes less space . Literally your driving life is gonna be so much easier with this and you really can't go wrong about the purchase