ESR® HaloLock Magnetic Wireless Charger for Car | MagSafe Compatible

Yo guys we did it !!! Integrating a 7.5 W Turbo Wireless Charger into a size this small and that too with ESR's collaboration , we really do deserve a huge applause . Jokes apart , the Halolock is hands down the most unique and innovative car wireless charger till date and if you really want that you car gives those supercar vibes , you gotta have to have this little boy 
    • BEST MAGSAFE ACCESSORY- The HaloLock wireless car charger is specially designed for iPhone 12 Series ( all models ) and MagSafe cases . The integration is seamless and the fast charge output certainly makes it an essential MagSafe accessory
    • 7.5 -10W OUTPUT POWER- HaloLock is a beast in terms of charging speed . By utilising the patented SeTwek ®technology with in line conduction capacitor , it can speed up the charging process by around 80% . Also the capacitor allows you to charge the phone 2-3 times even after the car is tuned off or there is a battery dead situation
    • MOST SECURE PHONE MOUNT EVER- The powerful pre installed set of 6 Grade N60 Neo magnets exert a strong suction force onto the phone and thus it's always 100% safe even on rough roads or high speed . The air vent clamp is stabilised on a gyro ( dual angular ) ball for the highest grip and security possible
    • 360° ROTATION- Can be rotated 360° horizontally and vertically for the perfect viewng experience and also for getting navigation updates more conveniently
    • PERFECT ALIGNMENT- No need of calibrating with the centre again and again . The upgraded copper coil induces the whole screen and you simply have to just place your phone on the device to start charging
    • HITECH DESIGN | CONSUMES LESS SPACE- The design of the HaloLock car wireless charger has been featured in the FG Mag 21 and is also in the nominations for Red Tech 3 . It showcases a perfect blend of next gen technology and minimalistic design alongside consuming the least space possible . The built is of aviation grade alloy making it highly robust and durable . If you are looking for universal car chargers that are compatible with both Android and iOS , check out our whole range here and most specifically , check out the Xiaomi® Max , you'll love it 


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