Tactical Pen Glass Breaker | Window Breaker Tool

We all our moving toward more and more tech and advanced features in our automobiles but still no car company provides any official integrated solution for window breaking / glass breaking in case of emergency . So we have launched this tactical glass breaker tool hidden in a shape of pen which will take care that your car travels are always safe and risk free
    • MILITARY GRADE TACTICAL STRENGTH- The pen window breaker tool is one of the most efficient and robust emergency window device both in terms of force and ease of use
    • AVIATION GRADE ALUMINIUM ALLOY- The aviation certified aluminium alloy with a plated head of type III hard anodic oxidation gives the devices a 500 rm hardness strength and delivers a sudden pressure shock on a pointed surface area thus delivering the highest possible force . In simple words, this little boy can break any type of glass or window in a second , no matter what the hardness or size is
    • GREAT FOR WRITING- The pen comes with universal blue ink refills ( S34 Grade ) which makes it a great writing pen for day to day use
    • ANTI - SKID- The silicone layered front tip is designed using mesh technology making it 100% skid proof and slip proof thus making it convenient to use in emergency situations or when hands are slippery or even in case of flood situations
    • MINI BODYGUARD- This is one of the best survival and self-defence tools out there because of the sharp metal tip and the fact that its completely hidden as a pen on your coat's pocket or in your dashboard .The glass breaker tool is really evasive and can act as a great 1st line of attack in a criminal situation
    • THE DESIGN- The minimalistic diamond thread design with a polished matte surface gives this window breaker tool a great look and is perfect for professionals and executives too . Also guys if you want a car window beaker that also has an inbuilt seatbelt cutter , check out our Baseus® Safety Tool