Baseus® Car Safety Hammer - Car Glass Breaker Tool + Seatbelt Cutter

Each and every car should have a safe window glass breaker tool in case of emergency or other adversity. So , we have collaborated with Baseus and designed this award winning gadget for you so that you don't have to be worried about the safety of you and your family while travelling
    • ONE HIT BREAK ( G32 Proprietary technology ) - The window glass breaker tool by Baseus® is built using Tungsten Steel Alloy ( Rockwell Hardness 55 ) coupled with the Vohlorn tip pressure technology which can easily break any glass in the world in just one hit when force is exerted . The glass , no matter of what hardness or material will break apart in less than a second thus giving you full safety coverage during emergency 
    • THE IMPACT FORCE- The tech lovers will surely appreciate the science and working behind this glass breaker tool . Despite having a material weight of just 94 grams , the tool in an instant exerts an impact force of 6kg which thus easily exposes the vulnerability between glass molecules and breaks it apart . Also as the impact force is on a minimal area , there is no spilling or danger of tiny glass pieces which is the case with most of the other safety glasses breaker tools 
    • SEATBELT CUTTER -This gadget by Baseus® also acts as a super efficient seatbelt cutter tool and is thus very useful in chance of a collision accident , floods or other natural adversities . The seatbelt cutter is made of aviation grade stainless steel and is effective against all types of seatbelt ( tested by Baseus Labs for 68 different material seat-belts and in 32 different hardness types ) 
    • 100% SAFE  | NO RISK OF INJURY- Handling safety is one of the major features of this window breaker tool . The seatbelt cutter is concealed by a special U-shaped opening which keeps it intact from the fingers . The glass breaker tip is enclosed by the magnetic lid thus giving it a dual safety protection . You can thus keep the tool in your car without any risk of injury for your kids 
    • WORKS EVEN UNDER WATER-By utilising the mechanical pressure system , the glass breaker tool can work perfectly even under water or when the car is submerged 
    • ANTI - SCRATCH - The metallic built is totally anti scratch and is very robust and durable 
    • THE DESIGN- The sleek minimalistic design coupled with an equally refined metallic built and geometric finish makes it perfect for your car and certainly puts it in the list of best car accessories of 2021 . Also we designed another tactical glass breaker tool in shape of a pen , do check it out 
    • MAGNETIC STORAGE BASE- The glass breaker tool comes with a complimentary universal magnetic base which you can place on the front dashboard and safely keep the tool on it . It thus becomes very easy to access . Otherwise you can also just keep it on your car's storage box or inside the dashboard 
    • PORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT -Being very small ( 4.7 x 8.1 x 3.6 )  and lightweight ( 94 grams ) , its really handy to carry around and can be even put in the pocket 
    • PREMIUM PRODUCT- This is a premium product under Car Safety project by Baseus and certainly provides a more secure and safe auto travel for you and your family . Its tested , verified and certified and also a recommendation from our Staff Picks of the year 

    Grey technologies is the exclusive official seller of the Baseus® Safety Glass Breaker Tool . All rights reserved and protected