H&C® Whistle Key Finder | No App Required

Guys , this cool key finder has a twist to it , rather than being controlled by an app or phone , this is triggered by your whistling sound . But if you don't know how to whistle ( like me ) , don't worry - we have got some other useful key tracker devices for you
    • FIND YOUR LOST KEYS- This little gadget is gonna make your life so much simpler . If you lose your car keys , just whistle and the key finder starts beeping until you find your keys . Simple and straightforward - no app pairing or Bluetooth required , just your old badass whistle . Again , check out our Baseus ® Max Key Finder or the NUT® 2 if you are looking for more of an App compatible smarter lost item tracker  
    • PROPRIETARY WHISTLE DETECTION- This may sound real funny but yes we have a patented technology for whistle detection too !!! The S12 Core chip which powers this key tracker is programmed to detect whistle sound with the maximum precision and from over a long range
    • FLASH LED LIGHT- To make things even easier , the key finder features a flashing red LED light which allows you to find your keys in the dark , from corners or car seats . The flash and beep can be closed by pressing the single touch button on the surface
    • LONG RANGE | LOUD SOUND- The 45-50 m long range with 90 db sound beep comes in really handy as you can find the keys from farther away distance conveniently
    • DESIGN- The design is super cool and sleek with a dedicated keyring slot so you have to just simply attach it to your car keys and you are good to go - never again worry about lost keys or wallet !!! Mike made a nice review about the Whistle Key Locator , do check it out