The Stickmens' Lamp

These here are the world's coolest and most innovative modern pendant lights ever created . The unique stickman design integrated into an iconic hanging silhouette makes it perfect for your beautiful home . So whether its your dining room that needs a decor or it is your farmhouse redesign , these little boys are there to impress 
    • BADASS STICKMEN- These little stickmen hanging on your roofs will surely give that cool badass look to your home or farmhouse that you always wanted . These are our staff pick for the most ' unique modern pendant lights' and they will certainly give an aesthetic edge to your house and literally everyone who sees them goes crazy for it  
    • WARM BRIGHT LIGHT- The lamps feature gentle and warm bright light which provide uniform illumination creating a wonderful soothing ambience in your home beside adding the cool look to it 
    • HIGH GRADE METALLIC BUILT- Being built using S22 Grade galvanised iron  , the pendant lights feature years of unprecedented durability and efficiency . They are completely non rust and the detailed matte texture gives them a very premium look 
    • LOW ENERGY CONSUMPTION- The bulbs consist of power amplifying SlewH2 chip which minimises the energy consumption and thus contributes to a sustainable living 
    • THICK IRON CEILING- The thick iron black top of the stickmen  pendant lights provides stability and support and allow them to be firmly installed on the ceiling 
    • EASY TO INSTALL- The E27 type holder supports all traditional bulbs and also our smart Alexa compatible bulbs so you can automate your lighting . The lamps are easy to install and the hanging string allows the stickmen to easily suspend in the air 
    • PREMIUM PRODUCT- This is a premium product from our Smart Home Range and features a gorgeous artistic design coupled with sturdy constructions and advanced mechanism