Greyhome® Smart Light Bulb - with Alexa & Google Home

Automate and control your home's lighting with the world's most advanced , versatile and dynamic smart light bulb ever designed . Being powered by our proprietary GHT+® S Core systems , these smart bulbs have all those features that you could ever imagine and is perfect for your smart home 
    • GREYHOME® FLAGSHIP- Being a subsidiary of our Greyhome® appliance line , this smart light bulb also features the highest technological systems and is certainly the most high end and efficient smart bulb available on the market 
    • FULL SMART PHONE CONTROL- You can control the smart light bulb conveniently with the smartphone app ( available on both Android and iOS ) and change light shades , brightness , temperature , dimming functions , set automation and timers from anywhere and anytime . The smart bulb connects to Wi-Fi so even you are away form home , you can control the bulbs remotely 
    • 16 MILLION SHADES- The proprietary SenseVaDe allowed us to integrate a colour choice variation of 16 million different , full RGB colour options into the smart bulb so you can now have a different alluring  shade on each day of the year and every day your home will look gorgeous and unique 
    • ALEXA & GOOGLE HOME- This is a smart light bulb with Alexa , Google Home and Echo Dot compatibility so if you have any of these devices you can now change the look of your house just with your voice commands . Eg , Alexa - turn on the smart bulb at 8:00 p.m , Alexa - change the colour to fluorescent green and reduce the brightness to 70% etc.
    • NOTHING ADDITIONAL REQUIRED- The most amazing part is that you don't need any other hub , expensive drivers or installations to use this smart bulb . Its the most simple yet effective way to automate your home to a smart home . Just plug in the smart light bulbs into any holder , chandelier or lamp ( like you do with a normal bulb ) , pair it with your phone and you are good to go 
    • TEMPERATURE , BRIGHTNESS AND DIMMING- You can change the temperature ( 2200K-6500K ) , choose from warm white lights or RGB party lights and also use the dimming function thus making this smart light bulb very versatile . Whether there's a Sunday party at your home or you have to read some books before bed , this little gadget will handle it all 
    • OTHER COOL FEATURES- You can also set intelligent timers to turn on/ off the bulb after some time , you can share the control access with other family members and also via the grouping function , you can control all the smart light bulbs at a time in the same app 
    • PERFECT GIFT- Whether its your tech lover girlfriend or it is your dad's birthday , everyone is gonna love these smart bulb so much thus making it the perfect affordable gift for every situation 
    • ECO FRIENDLY- Ofcourse , being powered by smart chips these light bulbs consume way less energy ( around 7-8 times ) than the traditional tungsten ones so you are contributing directly to a sustainable elegant living 
    • PREMIUM PRODUCT  - Guys as always , you can trust us for the saying that this is one of the best smart bulbs available out there and the high quality ABS material + our patented integrated systems are guaranteed to give you years of unparalleled durability and efficiency . Yes agreed , the price is lot higher than the normal bulbs but the features , ease of life and home makeover opportunities you get with this just makes it worth