The NUT® 3 - Next Gen Smart Tracker for Car Keys

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Guys , the much awaited NUT® 3 has been launched and pretty much like its predecessors - the NUT Mini and NUT 2 , this one too is a tech superstar . Its really intuitive , features an advanced tracking range and is packed with a wide set of other smart features
    • GENERATION 3 NUTALE TECHNOLOGY- NUT® International has developed the breakthrough Nutale technology which makes this key finder one of the most advanced and effective tracking device for consumer use . It works on Bluetooth 5.0 Interface and the Official Nut App is available for both Android and iOS
    • TRACK IMPORTANT ITEMS EASILY- Whether its your car keys or wallet or suitcase , just attach the NUT 3 to it via keyring or magnet and now whenever you lose your stuff , go to the app and press click on the ' Find ' button . The key tracker will automatically detect the ping and will start beeping with high pitch sound making it a piece of cake to find lost items
    • DISCONNECTION ALARM / GOOGLE MAPS- The most genius part is that if you forget your items like car keys behind , the phone and NUT key tracker will simultaneously beep to notify that you are disconnected . The upgraded M22 Sattel Mapping shows the last disconnected location in Google Maps via the App which can come in really handy and lets you quickly find important items
    • BIDIRECTIONAL PHONE FINDER FUNCTION- Thanks to the 2.0 Dual Mapping Trajectory , now you can even find you smartphone with your NUT 3 device . Just manually press the button on the key finder and your phone starts beeping even if its on ' Silent Mode '
    • IMPRESSIVE BATTERY LIFE | ULTRA LONG RANGE- Featuring a remarkable 120-140 ft range ( depends on frequency ) , this key finder is one of the most advanced in its category . Plus its powered by a single CR2032 Coin Battery ( replaceable ) which provides you about 250 days battery life
    • ' CLOUD SHARING ' - COMMUNITY TRACKING- This is the most exciting and flagship feature in the NUT 3 Smart Key Tracker . If you can't find your keys , just declare it lost via the app and the whole nearby NUT community members will help you find your items , whilst maintaining full privacy of location records
    • THE DESIGN- As like all NUT Finders , this one too showcases a super chic design with a cool matte finish . It has a keyring slot , manual switch and you can track and manage upto 6 NUT key finders through just one single smartphone app . It ranks really high in our ' Best Key Finders ' List and you'll have a great time using it