Badgronn® Max - Retro Gaming Console , Handheld Game Console - inBuilt 400 Classic Games

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Yeaaah , PS5 and Last of Us 2 are awesome but still there is something about those retro handheld game consoles that make us go crazy for them the moment we see them . And when you get these consoles during a boring 4 hour back seat car drive , nothing can be better !!! We have collaborated with Badgronn® to launch the coolest handheld console of the year and the retro vibes you are gonna get is just incomparable
    • 🕹 400 ULTRA COOL GAMES- The Badgronn® Max Retro Gaming Console boasts of a collection of 400 preloaded ultra classy games that will certainly take you to your childhood gaming memories . The games are really cool and includes Super Mario Bros , GoKart , Tetris , Mega Man , Football League , Angry Birds and much more
    • 🕹 PROPRIETARY GAMING PROCESSOR- The upgraded 8 bit flagship Badgronn processor gives the handheld game console an ultra high speed providing you the smoothest and most seamless gaming experience with zero lag error . You can enjoy hours of legendary gaming experience on this portable console
    • 🕹 MECHANICAL KEYS | LARGE LED SCREEN- The matte 3.0 inch LED screen makes the gaming very comfortable and the mechanical silicone push buttons feel amazing to use . The buttons are based on integrated joystick mechanism for the most precise input controls
    • 🕹 ULTRA LONG BATTERY LIFE - The 1020 mAh gives a long battery life of around 32 hours on continuous gameplay and can be easily recharged through the included USB cable or also through a power bank
    • 🕹 GAMEPAD INCLUDED FOR MULTIPLAYER - If you buy the flagship key gamepad with the handheld system , it becomes a multiplayer retro gaming console and now you can have those little betting challenges with your friends or siblings and its gonna be a lot of fun
    • 🕹 CONNECT TO YOUR TV- There's more !!! You can connect the handheld game console to your home television using the standard 80CM AV cable and enjoy your favourite games on a bigger screen , When in multiplayer mode , connect the gamepad to the Badgronn® console and connect the console to the T.V port . Its really simple to use and just takes 30 seconds or so to setup
    • 🕹 PORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT- Because of the small size and wireless interface , you can carry it around easily in your pocket or car dashboard and enjoy retro gaming fun anywhere anytime
    • 🕹 THE DESIGN AND VIBES- This is certainly the coolest gadget you'll ever purchase . The classic retro design integrated into a handheld console gives your those Nintendo Gameboy Feels and you'll literally never be bored again , whether its a long drive or some crappy auditorium presentation . The ergonomic silicone lined built is very comfortable to use making it really versatile to use . Also guys , if you are really into retro gaming , we just launched an iPhone case that has a fully functional Gameboy built into it , check it out you'll fall in love with it

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