Badgronn® Gameboy Phone Case

Your iPhone
This might be the coolest phone case we have ever brought for you - this Gameboy phone case is absolutely crazy !!! And guys we know its a bit expensive as a phone cover but trust us you will totally love it 
    • GAMEBOY BEHIND YOUR PHONE- Imagine having a full gameboy console as your phone cover . What can there possibly be anything cooler than that !!!
    • SILICONE SHOCK PROOF & DROP PROOF- Don't worry - this phone cover remembers its primary function i.e protecting your phone . The dual silicone layering with PDV Anti-Shock material gives your phone full protection from the back as well as the sides
    • 36 NOSTALGIC GAMES- Bring the nostalgia back with the 36 super awesome classic games including Tetris , Mario, Battle City , Superpuzzle , Football , Fighting Ghost and even The Super Mario Bros !!!
    • ULTRA COOL- The design and layout of this Gameboy phone case is exactly like that of the classic Gameboy which looks super cool
    • THE SCREEN- High quality LED Screen with silicone grip buttons and mini stereo subwoofers for smooth fun gameplay
    • COMFORTABLE AND DESGINED FOR IPHONE - The thickness and hardness of the Gameboy phone case is carefully designed for your iPhone so that it provides you full comfort alongside providing protection to your phone
    • NEVER BE BORED AGAIN- This amazing little gadget will surely take you back into your childhood memories and will make sure that you never get bored again . So whether you are in a boring meeting or a long drive, remember that you have a Gameboy behind your back ( and that was a pretty solid irony😉 )

    Grey Technologies is the exclusive official seller of The Badgronn® Gameboy iPhone Case . All rights reserved and protected 



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