The Gesture Drone ( Hand Controlled Drone )

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Guys , this might be the coolest drone of all time . Of course , this hand operated drone is not for professional photography but the feels you'll get by controlling this with the gestures of your hand is just unimaginable !!!
    • ADVANCED GESTURE CONTROL- The drone works on our patented dual intelligence gesture technology which allows you to control the drones with the movement of your hands and you can use various intelligent gestures to make it do flips , tricks and other cool moves 
    • FOUR AXIS GRAVITY CONTROL- The four axis gravity induction mechanism ensures precise , proper flights and maintains the stability of the drone . It perfectly calibrates with your hands and follows the gestures very accurately ( at first , its a little bit difficult to control the drone but in a day or two , you will learn and then be able to command it perfectly ) 
    • OBSTACLE DETECTION- The intelligent obstacle detection makes the flights safe - even inside homes so the risk of the breaking or getting damaged is minimal . So its suitable for all age ranges and is also a great drone for kids 
    • 360° STUNTS- The drone can perform various stunts and you can modify them with your gestures which is really cool . You just have to calibrate the smart watch with the hand controlled drone and you have full control in your hands 
    • LED COOL LIGHTING- The drone is packed with contrast LED Lighting which looks awesome especially at night 
    • MULTIPLE DRONE SHOW- The  most amazing feature is that if you buy more than 1 drone , all of these drones can be calibrated to fly together according to your gestures which creates a beautiful drone show and looks real amazing . But franky we don't recommend you to buy multiple drones , one is enough for a lot of fun 
    • THE REMOTE -The gesture control remote which is the smart watch is really lit - its very easy to control and can be operated by anyone . Just wear it on your wrist and you are good to go . Also guys , if you are looking for a drone for professional photography , check out our Mavair® 2 and Mavair® 3 

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