The Mavair® 2

Introducing Mavair ® 2 - the most advanced mini drone of 2021 . The Mavair 2 is one of the most reputed and best camera drones and its ultra advanced interface has been appreciated everywhere. If you are looking for a very hitech drone with high definition recording - then this is just the perfect gadget for you !!!
    • INTEGRATED DESIGN- What makes this drone so special is its patented integrated design . The drone can be easily put in the remote control and the phone can also be mounted on the control which makes it very convenient while flying
    • GREY TECH PATENT GEARBOX - The Mavair 2 features our patented 4 channel 6 axis gyroscope which makes the flying highly smooth and fast with constant stable flight 
    • 4 MP CAMERA- The 4 megapixel HD camera on the front bumper of the mini drone allows you to take ultra clear aerial shots and videos thus this drone is perfectly suited for professional photography too 
    • REAL TIME HD TRANSMISSION - Using Wi-Fi Signal transmission , the real time pictures and videos taken by the drone can be viewed through the mobile phone app and you can save the in your smartphone ( the app works with both Android and iOS )
    • DRAWING TRAJECTORY - Draw the trajectory you want to fly on the phone app and the drone will automatically follow the path 
    • VR INTEGRATION- If you have VR Glasses, then you can enjoy high speed FPV first view flight experience which is really really cool 
    • GESTURE PHOTO/VIDEO - The smart AI Chip in the mini drone allows you to automatically record photos by doing certain gestures with your hand
    • VOICE CONTROL- Using the app , you can also control the drone through your voice and command it to do various actions which looks so amazing 
    • ONE TOUCH TAKEOFF/RETURN - One touch operation button makes it very convenient especially if you are a beginner in drone flying . It is thus a great mini drone for beginners as well as professionals 
    • 360° FLIPS & STUNTS- This mini drone can perform various cool stunts , back flips , 360° turns , follow me mode and you can customise them according to your preference 
    • PREMIUM PRODUCT - This is a very high end drone in collaboration of Grey Technologies and Mavair Technologies and is considered industry standard in mini drones . The Mavair ®2 has set a benchmark as in a way by providing a superior drone of this kind at such an affordable price . We have really put a lot into developing this product and we are sure you will love it 

    Grey Technologies is the exclusive official seller of The Mavair® 2 . All rights reserved and protected

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