Wannafree® Electric Lighter for Candles and Stove ( Rechargeable )

This amazing electric arc lighter by Wannafree is almost similar to that of our popular H&C® USB Candle Lighter . It's not much suitable for cigarettes but when it comes to candles , gas stoves and barbecues , then this is certainly the choice for you
    • FIRE FROM ELECTRICITY- The Wannafree® electric candle lighter converts electric current into plasma arc which you can use to set things on fire as you do with a normal lighter . It is 5 times safer , environment friendly and ofcourse much more fun to use than traditional butane lighters
    • WINDPROOF , FLAMELESS LIGHTER- As the plasma lighter works on electric arc rather than any toxic volatile chemicals , there is no flame and thus no smoke making it more of an eco friendly choice . Plus this makes it a 100% waterproof and windproof lighter making it perfect for rough conditions as in camping and survival 
    • SAFETY AND EASE OF USE- Why we love electric candle lighters so much is because of the safety and versatility . The Wannafree Arc Lighter ensures the same with the SmartLock safety switch and dual TPE Insulation . It is super simple to use for domestic as well as outdoor purposes and can be carried in a bag or suitcase too
    • USB RECHARGEABLE- Never worry about refilling your lighter with gas again . This electric lighter is powered by a 180 mAh Li-Ion battery which is rechargeable by the included USB Cable or Power Bank ( 1 single charge lasts upto 2 weeks ) . Plus you have the LED Indicators on the matte surface which add to the convenience alongside giving that cool techy vibe to your candle lighter
    • DESIGN AND BUILT- The plasma lighter looks really premium with the sleek ultralight design and handheld interface . It's a perfect gadget for modern smart homes and trust us , you'll have a really great time lighting your candles and stoves with this cool electric lighter