Rexmax® Electric USB Arc Lighter

Frost Blue
This electric plasma lighter is gonna make your life so much easier . No more of those boring crappy jet lighters , no more dealing with refuelling and the best of all , it is so much more cooler than the traditional way
    • REPLACE YOUR OLD LIGHTERS- Our Electric Arc Lighters are surely a next-gen upgrade to the traditional butane lights . Whether you use it for lighting candles , gas stove , barbecue , cigarettes or just paper and suff , this plasma lighter perfectly suits them all
    • WINDPROOF | FLAMELESS | WATER-RESISTANT- Firstly , even the thought of producing fire from electricity is kind of very amusing . Plus , the electric lighter works using plasma conduit technology rather than any volatile liquid which means it is 100% waterproof , windproof and leaves no flame or smoke
    • IGNITES IN A SECOND- Because of the higher at-point ignition concentration , an electric lighter can light things in a matter of milliseconds . Just turn on the smart switch , bring the thing you wanna burn inside the arc and it immediately catches fire . Thanks to the ingenious slim design , it makes a perfect electric candle lighter or an electric gas stove lighter too
    • USB RECHARGEABLE- Featuring an inbuilt smart lithium chip , the plasma lighter is USB rechargeable through the included USB Cable . ( Imagine how cool it sounds that ' I have to charge my lighter ' lol ) . It takes about an hour for it to fully charge and the battery lasts for more than a week
    • THE BUILT AND DESIGN- Being built using Core S aluminium alloy , the arc lighter boasts of an ultra-robust body with guaranteed durability . The design is super chic and is really complementary for the modern smart homes
    • WHY IS IT SAFER-Electric plasma lighters are generally 10 times safer than normal gas lighters because they don't contain any toxic chemicals , don't emit and flame or smoke and are suitable to carry in the pocket