EAFC® Max 2 - Powerful Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner | Wired & Wireless Version

The much awaited EAFC Max 2 has been finally launched and is even more praise worthy than its predecessor the EAFC Max 1 . It is by far one of the most powerful portable vacuums ( handheld ) and your cleaning jobs will become 100% effortless and laziness compatible ( even hardcore lazies like us our able to keep our office super tidy using this little boy right here )
    • POWERFUL EFFICIENT VACUUMING - The inbuilt energy saving motor with 4500 mbar superior suction allows for the most efficient and easy vacuum cleaning whether its your home upholstery , car seats or carpets . Despite the beast mode power , the inner auto radiator makes the operation completely noiseless and safe
    • UNIQUE HANDHELD DESIGN - The proprietary handheld design with integrated handle makes it suitable for everyone's use and the ergonomic weight balance provides stability and grip during use
    • COMPLETE CLEAN - The Load NetDetect++ Technology makes use of 360° cleaning interface and the included attachments help you to clean hard to reach corners , sides and minute particles . This car vacuum cleaner is an all in one cleaning solution and comes in really handy
    • LARGE DUSTBIN & REMOVABLE HEPA FITLER - The 200 ml dust collector makes it the best mini vacuum in terms of capacity too . HEPA filter with dual primary net is washable and cleans even the smallest dust particles in matter of seconds
    • WATER SPILL - This is another great feature of the upgraded version . Apart from vacuuming all types of food particles , hair , dirt and granules , it is also suitable for cleaning liquids that have been spilled accidentally like water or juice
    • [ INSIDE THE BOX ] - EAFC Max 1 Car Vacuum , Car Adapter / USB Charging Cable , Hair Brush , Long Mouth Suction Head , Flexible Tube , DustBin , HEPA Filter , Instruction Manual , 1 Year Warranty