EAFC® Max 1 | Bestseller Car Vacuum Cleaner - Handheld 6000 pa

If you are looking to just pawn off your cleaning jobs at someone , then the EAFC® Max 1 is your guy . Its one of our bestsellers from the whole range of portable car vacuum cleaners and the price value proposition is just unmatchable
    • STRONG SUCTION- The 120W supercharged power motor provides strong suction up to 6000 pa and can easily absorb hair, food residue, particles and less than 0.1 micron debris hidden in the sofa, cushion, car seats etc . A wise and stylish choice for daily quick pick-up, car cleaning and home cleaning
    • DRY & WET CLEANING- Unlike most of the other car vacuum cleaners , this one also supports wet vacuuming in additional to normal dry cleaning . So even if you accidentally spill your soda on your car's dashboard or work desk , this mini vacuum has got your back
    • CORDLESS , LIGHTWEIGHT , PORTABLE- No need to deal with those crappy 5 metres copper wires . The handheld vacuum cleaner adopts 3500 mAh li-ion batteries, the latest generation of charging technology and self-developed intelligent power management technology, which allows it to fast charge batteries within 2-3 hours and have 35-min long run time. Being just 1.6 pounds and coupled with the silicone plated ergonomic handle design , the cleaning routine becomes completely effortless and fun
    • TECHNICAL SAFETY- State of the art safety technology is one of the major reason why this vacuum cleaner ranks so high in our list . Inbuilt smart S34 M Chip , Short circuit protection , over voltage protection , over current protection and constant temperature control makes the use 100% safe and thus there is no experience required to use this handheld vacuum cleaner
    • VARIOUS ACCESSORIES | 360° CLEANING- The flagship accessories set that comes with the pack allow proper 360° cleaning of all areas. The crevice tool allows you to pick up debris at narrow corner or space . The dusting brush allows you to absorb hair or residue from the delicate surface and interior decoration and the extended hose widens cleaning scope making cleaning much more easier
    • AN AFFORDABLE CHOICE- The EAFC Max 1 is one of the most affordable car vacuum cleaners keeping in mind the level of superior built and power it features . It makes a great accessory for your car or home and is also a great gift idea . Also guys , the EAFC® Max 2 has also been launched , be sure to give it a look