Hewlot® Bluetooth Keys Tracker | Keys Finder

You are not alone , we all have been there like 4 times a week . Losing you cars keys and then spending a hell lot of time - just to be filled with frustration and irritation !!! Don't worry , this tiny bluetooth key finder by Hewlot® is just there to solve your problem
    • ADVANCED TRACKING TECHNOLOGY- The key finder works on proprietary Dual Way Tracking Mechanism which allows you to instantly and easily find your lost/important items just with a single click
    • LOCATE YOUR LOST STUFF- Whether its your stacked up wallet or your car keys , this little key tracker got your back . Just open the smartphone app , click on the ' Locate ' Button and the key finder will start beeping with a 90 db sound until you find your items . The buzzer sound is carefully tested and designed so that it is clearly audible in all situations and from far away distance too
    • FIND YOUR PHONE- Not only can you find your keys but also you can find your phone in case you lost track of it . Just press the single click button on the ' key finder device ' and your phone will start beeping even if on silent which makes it super convenient in case of misplacement
    • REMOTE CAMERA CONTROL- There's more !!! The gadget also works as a remote camera and you can use it to take selfies or photos remotely with your smartphone
    • LED LIGHT FLASH- To makes things even more simpler , we integrated LED light interface into this Bluetooth tracker so that its a piece of cake to find your lost items in dark or from under the car seats or sofa
    • OTHER FEATURES- Google Maps Last Seen Location , Movement Function and Disconnection Alerts puts the Hewlot® Tracker in the list of best key finders of 2021 . Plus it has a dedicated keyring slot so there won't be any problem in pairing it with your car keys or suitcase handle
    • SMARTPHONE APP- The official app which is available on both Android and iOS lets you pair multiple Hewlot trackers , adjust sensitivity settings and also view Google Maps Location . Overall its really intuitive and takes like 10 seconds to pair
    • APPLICATIONS- This is is great as a car keys tracker , wallet finder , purse finder , pet finder , document finder locator and phone locator . The remarkable 50 m range gives full coverage making it very versatile to use . Also guys , before making a buying decision , be sure to check out out whole range of Mini Key Finders especially the Baseus® Air and the NUT® 2