Vohlorn® Yoobao 42000 mAh Power Bank | Turbo Charging

Guys, as we promised , we have introduced the massive 42000 mAh Power Bank in such a compact portable style. We have collaborated with Vohlorn® Indutries to bring this project to reality. We know that the price is too high so it is recommended that you purchase this one only if you are a professional software guy or if you really need such a heavy duty gadget . Otherwise if its just for domestic home use , check out our other mini power banks , they are great 
    • 42000 mAh MASSIVE POWER- The Vohlorn® power bank is by far the most heavy duty and high capacity consumer power bank ever designed . It features real 42000 mAh lithium energy and can easily charge your Android phone upto 12 times and iOS phones about 17 times . But majorly this power bank is more suitable for high load accessories like laptops , electric grills , RV gear etc. For an idea , it can charge a MacBook 3 times , our Mavair® Basic Drone 9 times , a refrigerator for 7 hours and fan for 90 hours 
    • 1.8 X CHARGING SPEED  - The power bank works on the proprietary Vohlorn R34 microchip which enables 220 V dual charging thus providing a 1.8 x faster speed than any other charger on market 
    • POWER SWITCH- The AC Independent output switch on the bottom allows you to turn on / off the electricity supply from the power bank thus providing an additional safety layer and ease of use 
    • PLUG ADAPTER- The most amazing and innovative feature of the power bank is the integrated plug socket on the lower end of the device . It thus makes it super easy to directly charge your appliances . It can be also used to directly supply power to refrigerators , heaters and table lamps 
    • ADDITIONAL SOCKETS - The triple 3.0 USB ports support DCV5 / 12V / AC220V USB charging and you can thus simultaneously charge multiple devices and phones with one single power bank . It makes your tech very organised and you don't have to deal with multiple strangled cables 
    • ELECTRIC SHOCK PROTECTION | ADVANCED SAFETY CHIP  - Safety protection is one of the major features of the Vohlorn® Power Bank . The proprietary Twek® safety circuit chip coupled with integrated fan for heat dissipation makes it 100% safe for you and your expensive devices . Thus you get temperature control , overcharge protection , short circuit protection  and over voltage prevention all in one 
    • BATTERY INDICATOR- You can ge the idea of the remaining energy in the power bank through the breathing frosted battery indicator screen 
    • LED TORCH- There's more !!! - The power bank also has an inbuilt LED Torch ( 3000 K ) which can be very useful if you are going for camping or any other outdoor activity . The SER 20 high efficiency light beads provide uniform directional lighting for the best use 
    • LEATHER HANDLE - The professional grade leather handle gives you lot of ease in carrying it and also gives it a high end look
    • THE DESIGN- This is probably the most innovative and beautifully designed power bank ever . The premium matte design with full aluminium built and integrated sockets certainly makes it one of the best power banks ever and is also a part of our staff picks . It's great for corporate use and looks amazing in offices and during family trips. 

    Grey Technologies is the exclusive official seller of the Vohlorn 42000 Power Bank . All rights reserved and protected