The Mavair® Basic Mini Drone

Introducing Mavair® Basic - the word's most advanced , dynamic and versatile mini drone . The Mavair Basic is one of the most reputed mini drones and its ultra advanced interface has been appreciated everywhere. If you are looking for a very hitech drone with high definition recording - then this is just the perfect gadget for you . Guys ,this is one of the products that truly represents our brand , our technology and we are sure that you will love it 
    • INDUSTRY STANDARD- The Mavair Basic is one of the most famous mini drones for HD photography and video recording . The easy operation and gyro sensors can help train your flying skills to a higher level . Its a power beast and the hitech autonomy packed into a drone of this size has certainly set a benchmark in the aerial photography industry 
    • OUR DREAM BEHIND- We always wanted to build a drone where superior engineering , technology and the needs of an aerial photography converge - and all that at a very affordable price . The Mavair® 2 has made that come true and redefined our signature tech
    • GREY TECH PATENT GEARBOX - The Mavair 2 features our proprietary  4 channel 6 axis gyroscope which makes the flying highly smooth and fast with a content stable function 
    • GRAVITY SENSOR - By turning on the gravity mode , you can control the drone through gravity sensing app control which makes flying very convenient as the smart sensors automatically adjust the flight accordingly 
    • 4K CAMERA - The 4K megapixel HD mini Camera on the front bumper of the mini drone allows you to take ultra clear aerial shots and videos . Also the camera has an intelligent interface which auto adjusts according to the height , distance and speed of the drone to maximise the quality of shooting 
    • BATTERY LIFE- The battery life of this mini drone is spectacular . We designed the FGR® Lithium technology which allows this drone to easily get a flight time upto 20 minutes even on HD transmission 
    • REAL TIME HD TRANSMISSION- Using Wi-Fi Signal transmission , the real time pictures and videos taken by the drone can be viewed through the mobile phone app and you can save them in your smartphone ( is compatible with both Android and iOS ) 
    • DRAWING TRAJECTORY - Draw the trajectory you want to fly on the phone app and the drone will automatically follow the path . This is one of our favourite features and it makes flying a lot more fun 
    • FOLDABLE DESIGN - The foldable arms make the drone very compact and you can easily carry it in the pocket . But it is recommended that you always keep the drone in the leather bag that comes with it , to ensure safety 
    • LED LIGHT INTEGRATION - The LED Light interface makes flying more spectacular especially at night
    • GESTURE PHOTO/VIDEO - The inbuilt smart AI chip allows you to automatically record photos by doing certain gestures with your hand . You can thus take selfies or have videos recorded just by your hand gestures and you can also customise them 
    • ONE TOUCH TAKEOFF/RETURN - One touch operation button makes it very convenient especially if you are a beginner in drone flying . Thus it is a great mini drone for beginners as well as professionals 
    • PREMIUM PRODUCT - This is a high end drone featuring our proprietary technology with the most premium grade intelligent chips and material built . It is designed to give you years of unparalleled efficiency and you really can't go wrong with this purchase 
    Grey Technologies is the exclusive official seller of The Mavair® Basic . All rights reserved and protected

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