Xiaomi® Max - Hitech Wireless Charger for Car

Guys , this awesome wireless charger from Xiaomi® will make your car's interior like that of a freaking supercar .  Its hands free automatic  , its turbo Qi , its robust but the thing we love the most about this is that super hot Aston Martin like sound that the charger makes when you bring your phone closer to it

    • WORLD'S BEST CAR WIRELESS CHARGER - The Xiaomi® wireless charger for car is by far the most advanced and dynamic charger ever designed . It holds 3 design patents in its name and has been featured in numerous tech listings including the SERT' 2021
    • HANDS FREE TECHNOLOGY - The wireless charger works on the proprietary S32 Core G intelligent clamp technology . When you bring the phone near the charger , the clamp of the charger automatically opens which looks really cool and futuristic . When you the place the phone on the magnetic charging pad , the inbuilt sensor detect that and the clamps close thus firmly locking to your phone with quad angular grip support . The opening of clamps makes a very futuristic , hitech kind of sound and the experience is just amazing
    • 20W TURBO MAX CHARGING - The inbuilt dual Srehel® microchips enable double core conduction and provide 1.8 X faster charging than any other wireless charger on the market . Its thus comes in really handy and you can get a quick turbo charge for your smartphone
    • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY - The car wireless charger is compatible with all types of Android & iOS phones which support Qi charging . The integrated 2.5 D glass screen pad is suitable for all smartphone sizes and is carefully designed to give a stable mounting support . Also if you are looking for a certified MAgSafe compatible wireless charger for you car , then do check out our ESR® Halolock , its awesome 
    • PHONE MOUNT - This wireless charger for car also acts as an excellent 360° phone mount and thus can be used for navigation , listening to music and podcasts . The precisely built Vohlorn geometric design provides a tripe angle support to the phone and there is not even the slightest risk of falling even in case of emergency braking
    • ZERO HEAT DISSIPATION - Most of the car wireless chargers have a crappy heating problem so this charger boasts of an independent Beryllium fan for cooling and dual core radiators to minimise the induction heat
    • 100% SAFE CHARGING - Safe and efficient charging is one of the major features of the Xiaomi® Max . It provides - short circuit protection , overcharge smart control , foreign object detection and over voltage protection . You have to just put your phone o the screen and you can have a carefree drive without worrying about the charing of your phone
    • THE DESIGN - This is no doubt that this is one of the best tech gadgets in terms of design and craftsmanship . The premium glass screen coupled with an equally beautiful array of metallic built and LED frozen lights puts it in the list of ' Best Wireless Chargers for Car 2021 ' . Its also a part of staff picks and you really can't go wrong with this purchase

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