Hicbest® Pro - 15 W Car Wireless Charger

Type of Clamp
The much awaited Hicbest® Pro is finally here and in the first week of launching itself , it has been featured in the CCE 21 List . Undoubtedly , the Hicbest® wireless charger for car is one of the most innovative gadgets in its category and the 15W fast charging takes things to a whole next level
    • AUTOMATIC SENSOR | SUPERCAR FEELS- The inbuilt 2.0 R32 induction sensor can automatically detect your smartphone and as soon as you bring it close to the charger , the arms open automatically which looks very amazing . Once you place the phone , the arms close on their own tightly interlocking to the device
    • 15W FAST QI CHARGING- The flagship Hicbest ferrite technology allows max 15W charging for all devices thus charging your phones very quickly . The wireless charger is compatible with each and every phone that has wireless charging enabled - both Android and iOS . No pairing or additional settings required , just put the phone on the glass screen to start the charging
    • 2 IN ONE- Along with a cool wireless car charger , you get a super strong gyro support phone mount . It comes in really handy while driving and you can use navigation , hands free calling and music on the go . The triple angular support with extended arms provide the maximum security to your phone and the 360° degree neck allows changing the viewing angle according to preference ( can be rotated both horizontally and vertically )
    • RGB BACKLIGHT | SICK DESIGN- This is the first wireless charger that explores the aesthetic aspect of it . The 7 colour hue RGB lighting on standby mode looks super cool and it gives an awesome look to your car's interior . Also the pure glass screen with the polished matte edges makes it really minimalistic and perfect for expensive cars
    • 2 VARIANTS AVAILABLE- So there are two variants available based on the clamp type . The first one is the Air Vent Type which allows you to securely mount the charger into the air vents . The other one i.e magnetic suction types lets you mount it literally anywhere - on the dashboard , window screen etc ( If you are more concerned with ease of use then go with the first one but if you want more of a hitech looking device then go with the latter )
    • SECURITY AND CHARGING SAFETY- As always guys , you don't need to worry about the safety of our tech. The Hicbest® Max car wireless charger is equipped with 6 major features - Foreign Object detection , overcharge protection , over output control , smart voltage matching , back flow prevention and heat dissipation