Baseus® Wireless Charger for Car | with Phone Mount

If you are still using those boring messy USB cables to charge your phone whilst driving in the car , you gotta upgrade now . The Baseus® wireless charger is specially designed for cars and the 15 W smart induction interface provides the most superior level of charging for your devices
    • SMART WIRELESS CHARGING- Being equipped with the RT30 intelligent microchip , the Baseus® car wireless charger can automatically detect the type of the device and thus provide the most efficient turbo charging
    • GREAT PHONE MOUNT | SMART CLAMPS- Not only a wireless charger , but this device is also a top-in-line phone mount for car and thus you get two functions in one . It is very useful to receive notifications and navigation updates as you don't have to bend again and again . The infrared sensor clamps of the charger can be opened by single touch button and as soon as you place your phone , the clamps automatically close interlocking the phone tightly
    • THE SAFETY AND GRIP- When it comes to physical safety , there is nothing that can beat Baseus . The quad angular aviation grade arms ( aluminium ) coupled with silicone cushion inside and extended gyro grip on the back makes sure that your phone is safe and secure even on the bumpiest roads and emergency braking . Also it enables 360° rotation thus you are free to adjust the viewing angle according to your convenience
    • SUPER SIMPLE TO USE- Just install the charger into your air vent , connect the adapter to the cigarette port of your car and you are good to go . Now you can place there phone on the charger screen and enjoy fast wireless charging 
    • UNIVERSALLY COMPATIBLE- The car wireless charger is compatible with all devices that have Qi charging enabled including both Android and iOS . The upgraded 3.0 Copper Coil makes the induction dual - layered thus this charger is case -friendly and you don't need to remove your phone case before charging
    • ⚡️TURBO CHARGING- This is one of our most fast charging wireless devices in general . The inbuilt flagship Baseus microprocessor coupled with the Mav Copper technology provides an output of 7.5-10 W and the charging speed is around 1.73 times higher than any other charger on the market
    • CIRCUIT PROTECTION- The inbuilt 5 functions - overcharge protection , short circuit protection , heat dissipation , foreign body protection and over current protection makes sure that the charging is 100% safe and doesn't pose any risk of damage to your expensive mobile phones . The smart mechanism automatically shuts power when the phone is fully charged
    • DESIGN AND CRAFTSMANSHIP- This is one of the most beautiful wireless chargers ever designed . The premium glass screen with the polished metal sides makes it perfect for you car and gives those techy vibes to the interior . Its one of the best car investments and will certainly contribute to a better driving experience 

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