Banola® Premium Edition Wireless Car Charger , Multipurpose

This is probably the smallest and most easy to use car wireless charger you'll ever come across . Unlike most of the other wireless charger , this one doesn't need much space coverage and you don't need to adjust the arms or clamps . This charger is one of our favourites from our whole range and if you are looking for a classy yet simple charging solution for your car , then just go for it
    • MAGNETIC WIRELESS CHARGING- The inbuilt N23 Neo Magnets allow you to mount your phone directly onto the device and it starts charging . The magnets work great with MagSafe compatible cases and also when your phone doesn't have a case . But please note that if your phone ( Android or iOS ) has a thick protective case , then the magnets won't be that much stronger and you could face a little bit of difficulty
    • 10 W OUTPUT POWER- The proprietary Bonola® HefCharge technology with an integrated capacitor allows a max 10W output power thus providing a super fast charge time for your smartphone 
    • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY FOR BOTH ANDROID AND IOS - The Banola® wireless charger for car is compatible with all Qi supported phones . The iron ring included in the package allows safe mounting of your phone on the magnetic screen
    • 360° ROTATION | VERSATILE PHONE MOUNT- Not only as a wireless charger , but this gadget can also be used a great standalone car phone mount . The Neo magnetic suction coupled with backend gyro grip allows the max possible safety and security even on rough roads and emergency brakes . Full 360° rotation for viewing convenience . Its completely anti skid and the soft silicone layering doesn't leave any marks or scratches on phone
    • ZERO HEAT | ZERO NOISE - The internal radiator technology allows effective heat dissipation and thus the charger or your phone never heats up . Unlike other car wireless chargers , the operation is completely noiseless and doesn't infer with the driving
    • ESSENTIAL MAGSAFE ACCESSORY- This is one of the most useful MagSafe Accessories and the compatibility is really seamless
    • MULTIPURPOSE- This is not only a car wireless charger but also useful as your desk charger , on your lobby table and on business trips it can be connected to a power bank too
    • MINIMALISTIC DESIGN- The design and built is the real deal here . Being powered by the blue hue light with a sleek luxurious metal alloy , it certainly adds an aesthetic aspect to you car making it one of the best car accessories you'll ever purchase . The back clip can be easily placed in the air vents of your car and so you don't need any additional material for use