Oeevo™️ Car Wireless Charger Mount


The Oeevo™️ wireless charger for car is our staff pick for the most affordable and efficient car charger of the year . For less than 25 bucks , you get a gadget that can wirelessly charge your phone , is a mount for car , has automatic clamp technology and gives a 2 X faster speed , what else can someone even want in their life ;)

    • ULTRA FAST QI CERTIFIED CHARGING- The upgraded copper coil M6 calibration allows turbo wireless charging thus providing a 2X faster speed than normal chargers . Its Qi/Qc certified so works with all phones that have wireless charging enabled
    • HANDS FREE TECH - You don't even have to touch the device to charge your phone . The infrared sensor mechanism detects when you bring your smartphone closer and the clamps automatically open . Keep your phone on the charging screen and they again automatically close giving a tight grip to the phone
    • SAFETY AND GRIP - The car wireless charger has stable trapezoidal structure clamps and anti-vibration rubber on both arms thus providing the most secure locking grip to your phone and you don't ever need to worry about falling of your phone . It is also a great phone holder for car and the extended 360° adapter allows you to rotate and change the viewing angle
    • ZERO HEAT | ZERO NOISE - The internal Lew21® radiator technology allows effective heat dissipation and thus the charger or your phone never heats up . Unlike other car wireless chargers , the operation is completely noiseless and doesn't infer with the driving
    • ONE TOUCH KEY POSITIONING- The smart key position system allows to start wireless charging without any need of finding the centre conduction coil . Also the Foreign Object Alert flashes so there is no risk of damage to the smartphone while charging
    • UPGRADED DESIGN , PHONE CASE COMPATIBLE - The new integrated 2.6 RoH Capacitor makes it convenient to charge the phone without removing the protective case .Please Note that credit cards , coins or other metal objects inside the phone cover can interfere with charging , please remove them before use
    • HOW TO USE - The working of the Oeevo™️ Car Wireless Charger is very simple . Step 1 - Gently insert the back neck of the wireless charger into your air vents and it interlocks itself . Step 2 -Connect the charger to the car adapter via USB C Cable . Step 3- Bring your phone closer , the arms open with a cool sound and just keep it on the screen , the phone starts charging . Better explained in the video below . And guys if you are looking for wireless chargers that have magnetic base instead of air vent clip , check out our Hicbest® Pro or the Joyroom® Wireless Charger 
    Model No.  Oeevo Pro S64 Car Wireless Charger 
    Wireless Charing 

    Qi Certified 

    Supports Android 


    Supports iOS 



    ABS + Silicone + Aluminium 

    Max Capacity 

    10 W when connected to QC 3.0 Car Adapter 

    Input Type 

    Air Vents 



    Connector Type 

    USB C Type ( Included )

    LED Light 

    Yes , RGB Hue Light - Standby & during Operation 

    Cooling Fan 

    Integrated Automatic 


    ROHS , CCE Electronics Safety , Grey Technologies Level 3