Mafby® Rechargeable Electronic Lighter + 19 pcs Cigarette Case

Our new Mafby® electronic lighter is much similar to our Jeffmax® Plasma Lighter and the upgraded design with matte texture certainly makes it one of the best lighters ever . Featuring a 19 Pcs inbuilt cigarette case and an ultra long battery life , this electronic lighter is perfect for camping and survival situations too
    • COOLEST ELECTRONIC LIGHTER EVER ?- The Mafby® electronic lighter is certainly one of the coolest and most unique lighters ever - both in terms of design and technology . The matte frosted design looks badass and is the perfect style accessory for cigarette connoisseurs !!!
    • INBUILT CIGARETTE CASE- The best part is that the lighter can hold upto 19 standard cigarettes inside thus you have your whole smoking gear with you . Just slide the top button and a single cigarette pops out which looks really dope
    • NO BUTANE OR GAS REQUIRED- The electric plasma lighter is powered by electric current so you don't need to refill it with butane or lighter gas . Plus , it's a flameless lighter thus produces no smoke and is thus waterproof and windproof
    • USB RECHARGEABLE LIGHTER -Imagine how cool it is to charge your lighter beside your phone . Featuring an inbuilt Li-ion battery , the electronic lighter can be charged through the included USB Cable and the battery life lasts more than a week on one single charge
    • WHY CHOOSE ELECTRIC LIGHTERS- Well electric lighters are safer , environment friendly and so much more fun than boring gas lighters which makes it obvious to upgrade . Plus you get to choose from 3 different colours - and the silver one is our favourite !!!