Badbois® Dual Arc Electric Lighter - Camping Plasma Lighter

Military Green
This electric lighter by Badbois® is one of the coolest Plasma Lighters ever designed . The rugged military variant is our favourite amongst all . Plus,  If you have never used any electric lighter before , this is the perfect one of enter in the niche of next-gen plasma lighters collection !!!
    • JOIN THE ARC LIGHTER REVOLUTION- 😎 Join the movement of adopting electric arc lighters - Why ? - because they are Environment Friendly , Water-Resistant , Safer , Cheaper and of course much more cool looking than those boring old lighters
    • NO BUTANE - DUAL ARC TECHNOLOGY- The electric plasma lighter utilises the proprietary dual arc conduit technology which turn electricity into a plasma spark and lets you light things the same way a normal lighter does
    • PURE METALLIC BUILT- Unlike those crappy plastic lighters , this one is a style beast . Its constructed using ASCore Aluminium Alloy which feels amazing and the Safety Metal Lid can be opened by a single touch button which is also kind of satisfying
    • HOW TO USE- When the USB electric lighter is charged , take it in your hands and open the metallic lid . Now just press the smart button on the side and a dual plasma arc will be created . Final step , bring anything like a cigar or paper inside the dual arc and it will catch fire in less than a second
    • WHY IS IT 10 TIMES SAFER ?- First of all , the electric arc lighter does not contain any butane or toxic chemical and thus eliminating any risk of hazardous spill . Second , the dual arc is actually a plasma conduit which does not produce any smoke or flames . Lastly , the mechanism is protected by a triple insulated metal body making it perfectly fine to carry it in your pocket
    • RECHARGEABLE , WINDPROOF , WATERPROOF- No need of ever refuelling your lighter again . Just recharge it with the included USB cable and you are good to go for at least 2 weeks . Plus when you combine together the IP56 Waterproof technology , windproof mechanism and the super badass rugged design , this plasma arc lighter by Badbois® certainly makes the perfect companion for your next camping trip