Jobon® Air Coolest Electric Lighter - Rechargeable

Matte Black
Frost Black
Frost Blue
Level up your Cigar Game with the coolest and most badass electric plasma lighter ever designed . No matter if you are in a sassy night pub or just lighting your fragrance candle , this bad boy right here will get the conversation starting whilst giving those classic Arthur Morgan vibes ( or maybe Micah lol )
    • DUAL ARC LIGHTER- This electric lighter by Jabon can set anything to fire in matter of milliseconds with its powerful dual plasma arc which is powered by electric current . As there is no flame , zero smoke is produced thus making this USB lighter a better upgrade !!!
    • SMART TOUCH SENSOR- This is the feature why we love this plasma lighter so much . To turn on the arc , just open the classic metallic lid and light it up by touching your finger on the side display . P.S - it looks and feels really cool and you are gonna have a great time just switching on and off your electric lighter
    • A SAFER CHOICE- Electric lighters are cleaner as they don't contain any butane or toxic chemical but rather convert electric current into plasma arc . Second , the premium metal body with safety lid and fingerprint sensor makes it super comfy and convenient to carry it in the pocket , to trips or as an essential camping gear
    • TOTALLY WINDPROOF & WATERPROOF - Going outside in rough weather or wanna enjoy a cigar in rain ? We got you covered. This is a 100% waterproof and windproof lighter and works perfectly even in windy conditions
    • USB RECHARGEABLE- This is a rechargeable USB Lighter which means you never again need to worry about refuelling the gas . Just charge it with the USB Cable or your laptop . One single charge lasts upto 2 weeks and the LED Battery Indicators let you know when its over
    • THE PERFECT GIFT- This electric arc lighter by Jabon® is really one of the best and most useful gift ideas . Its not only great as a USB cigar lighter but also as an electric candle lighter , stove lighter or for day to day domestic use