GreyTech® Dual Arc Windproof Electric Lighter - Classic USB Lighter

Military Green
Our GreyTech® rugged electric lighter is very similar to the Badbois® Plasma Lighter . This upgraded version has a powerful LED Flashlight along with the super cool rechargeable dual arc lighter that is classy and sassy as ever . It's a great style accessory if you are a collector of unique lighters and also makes a great camping and survival gadget
    • UNIQUE ELECTRIC LIGHTER- Unlike the crappy butane lighters , our GreyTech® Electric Lighter works on the proprietary plasma conduit technology which converts electric current into fire . Plus the super metal body with the premium heavy built certainly makes it the perfect choice for high end lighters
    • BENEFITS - Its a completely flameless lighter which means no smoke is produced and you never have to worry about refuelling gas or liquid again . Another major pro is that the USB lighter is windproof and waterproof and thus a great tool for extreme situations
    • USB RECHARGEABLE LIGHTER- Imagine how cool it feels to say ' Hey , Lemme charge my freaking lighter ' . Our arc lighter is powered by a 480 mAh Macer Battery and is rechargeable through the included UBS Cable , Power Bank or Laptop
    • COOL WAY TO LIGHT | MULTI USE ARC LIGHTER- The dual plasma arc looks very futuristic and cool and can burn cigarettes , paper , candles in literally milliseconds . Its not just an awesome electric cigarette lighter but also a useful USB candle lighter or stove lighter
    • ULTRA LED FLASHLIGHT - There's more !!! The electric lighter features an inbuilt F32 Pro supercharged LED Torch which can come in really handy in dark or whilst camping and survival situations
    • DESIGN AND PORTABILITY- Ofcourse , the rugged metal design looks classic as a pocket USB Lighter . Its basically like having lightning in your pocket . The clever ultralight design with Dual-Safety Lock makes it really portable and your go-to flameless lighter for all situations