The Grey® 1 | Cool Electric Lighter with Laser

Frost Black
This is freaking Official !!! The Grey® Air 1 has finally been launched and is undoubtedly our Best , Coolest and most Unique Electric Lighter from the whole Collection . The dynamic laser technology is just super dank and you are gonna really love this one so much
    • LIGHTNING IN YOUR POCKET- Literally , the feeling of carrying a lighter that is powered by electricity is just so dope . The Grey® 1 Arc Lighter does not need any butane or gas but is powered by the proprietary plasma technology which uses current to burn things
    • WHAT'S SO UNIQUE ? - This is the CEO of electric plasma lighters . What makes this such a unique lighter is our special Laser Switch . There is actually no switch on the lighter - when you open the heavy metallic lid , a laser beam appears and you have to put your finger on the laser to induce the electric arc ( P.S - its very very satisfying and using your lighter will be the best part of your day from now onwards )
    • BURN STUFF IN SECONDS- Unlike those boring gas lighters , this can burn anything ( literally anything ) in milliseconds . Just bring a cigarette or a paper into the dual arc of the lighter and watch it catch fire in an instant
    • 10 TIMES SAFER | WATERPROOF & WINDPROOF- Being a 100% flameless lighter , it does not produce any smoke , does not contain any toxic chemical , thus making it safer and pocket friendly . Plus its Level 3 Waterproof and you can even use it in strong windy weather thus is a perfect camping & fire starter gadget too
    • 14 DAYS BATTERY LIFE- This cool arc lighter is powered by an inbuilt Macer® Li-ion battery which gives it a battery life of at least 2 weeks ( LED Battery Indicators notify it ) . You can charge the electric lighter using the included USB Cable , power bank or even laptop and it takes kind of 40 minutes or so