The Grey® Air 1 | Coolest Electric Lighter

If you are a hardcore collector of Cool Stylish Lighters , then our Air 1 Plasma Lighter surely deserves a place in your collection . It's by far the coolest and most sci-fi kinda electric lighter ever designed and what's more is that it also acts as a great Holder Case for your cigarettes
    • NO GAS OR BUTANE- This is a next-gen USB plasma lighter which operates by converting electric current into plasma fire rather than any volatile chemical like butane . It's way more safer and obviously much more cooler than those traditional jet lighters
    • ULTRALIGHT CIGARETTE CASE- This is probably the most stylish and chic cigarette case ever . The magnetic metallic lid feels premium and the RGB LED Backlight just takes things to another level
    • SUPER SIMPLE TO USE- To light your cigarette , just swipe back the upper slider on the electric lighter to induce the plasma conduit and then bring your cigarette into it , making it catch fire in a millisecond ( see images for better reference ) 
    • SAFETY | WINDPROOF | WATERPROOF- The upgraded MultiProtect safety system , CE certification and slider safety switch ensures a 100% safe operation . Plus , as there is no toxic chemical , you don't ever need to worry about spilling again . There is no flame or smoke so it is more environment - friendly , fully waterproof and perfect for windy and rough weather conditions
    • USB RECHARGEABLE- Your electric windproof lighter is rechargeable though the included USB Cable so you don't need to deal with the hassle of butane refillings . It takes 1 hour to fully charge and lasts for about 10-12 days approx
    • 😎 COOLNESS UNLIMITED - Like all our gadgets , the Grey® Air electric flameless lighter is gonna be one of the best tech you'll ever purchase . It's compact , pocket-friendly and will surely get you some real compliments from your friends ( don't forget to share our link though )