Touchscreen Dual Arc Electric Lighter - Windproof Sensored Lighter

Frost Blue
Our new touch screen electronic lighter is one of the coolest and most efficient USB Rechargeable Lighters and is a packed with a ton of features including powerful plasma arc , digital display and an ultra - long battery life
    • POWERFUL DUAL ARC LIGHTER - The electronic lighter converts electric current into fire by inducing a powerful dual plasma arc which can light anything in milliseconds . Its so much fun than normal gas lighters and the cool sound it makes is just next level
    • DIGITAL LCD SCREEN- The best part about the lighter is its ultra-futuristic LED Touch Display which puts it in the list of most Unique Lighter of 2021 . To control the lighter , just use the sensitive finger touch button on the screen to turn the fire on or off
    • USB RECHARGEABLE LIGHTER- This sensored lighter is an USB Rechargeable Lighter so you don't need to refill it with butane of lighter gas . Just charge it with the included USB Cable and the battery lasts for about 10 days . Digital battery display makes it easier to know when batter is low and needs a charge 
    • SAFETY FEATURES | FLAMELESS LIGHTER- The electric arc lighters features 3.0 HEC Smart Chip which prevents self-ignition , explosion , over-voltage and heating up of the lighter . Being a flameless lighter , it doesn't produce any smoke and is thus an environment-friendly alternative
    • OTHER FEATURES- As its a 100% waterproof and windproof lighter , its perfect for rough conditions , trips and camping too . Moreover the sassy matte design looks lit and will surely get you a lot of compliments !!!