KingFire® Lite - Unique Dual Arc Lighter Electronic Ligher


Part of the Limited Edition Range by KingFire® , the Lite is one of the most advanced and stylish electronic lighters ever designed . Featuring the proprietary dual arc technology and robust metallic built , the KingFire® Lite certainly deserves a place in the list of Best Lighters of 2022 !!!

    • FLAMELESS PLASMA TECHNOLOGY - The KingFire® Lite utilises advanced Plasma Technology to create a Dual Arc which can be used to start fire . As the Lighter requires no butane , this USB Lighter produces no smoke and thus is safer and more environment friendly than traditional Lighters
    • FUN TO USE - The Electronic Lighter makes even tasks like lighting the candles so much fun . To use the Lighter , just touch the Sensor to induce the Plasma Arc and you are good to go !!!
    • NO REFILL REQUIRED | USB RECHARGEABLE - Being a USB Rechargeable Lighter , the lighter can be recharged using the included USB Cable and thus there is no hassle of refilling the lighter with Butane . The Upgraded GSense® Battery lasts upto 2 weeks on 1 Single Charge
    • WINDPROOF + WATERPROOF LIGHTER- As this Electronic USB Lighter produces no flame , it is 100% windproof and waterproof and thus also works functions as a Survival Lighter , Emergency Lighter and is a must have for Camping Trips
    • NEXT GEN UPWARD ELECTRODES DESIGN - The ignition head of 4 upward-probes is engineered to perfectly provide convenient functioning for lighting cigarettes and candles which makes the task so much simpler and faster
    • METALLIC BUILT & STYLISH DESIGN- Featuring a premium grade Metallic Body and artistically carved design , The KingFire® Lite is certainly one of the classiest Electric Lighters to own and use !!!