Baseus® Portable Tire Inflator | Electric Air Compressor for Car

Guys , this might be the most revolutionary gadget we have ever brought for you . If you are still using that old boring way to pump your car's tire , then its the time you upgrade . This award winning smart tire inflator can automatically inflate you car's tire in a matter of seconds . Just plug the nozzle , turn on the switch and boom - no crappy manual pumping needed 

    • REVOLUTIONARY TECHNOLOGY-The portable tire inflator is a freaking breakthrough in the automobile industry . Never has it been possible before to integrate a fully functional electric air compressor into a device of this size . The proprietary B45 RN system made it possible and this device will make your life so much easier 
    • SMART INTERFACE | INTELLIGENT INFLATION- The inbuilt smart Lewinr® microchip can detect the current air pressure in the tire and then inflates it according to the data . All the standard pressure values ( international standard ) are prebuilt into the system so even if you don't know a heck about tire pressure , this has got you covered . You don't need to keep an eye on the inflation as it automatically stops when the tire is filled optimally . Moreover you can also manually set pressure settings according to your convenience ( Guys we really are excited for this so much and we want to talk and talk about this so sorry for such a long description ) 
    • WORDL'S FIRST WIRELESS PORTABLE INFLATOR- This is the first portable tire inflator that does not need any connection to you car's battery . The dual compression system operates on lithium battery power to inflate the tire and so you don't need to carry anything else beside this magical device 
    • SUPER LONG BATTERY LIFE- Here comes the most amazing part . The inbuilt 2600 mAh life provides a remarkable usage time on one single charge . To give you an idea , one full charger can inflate a car tire 9 times ( in 4 minutes each ) , a motorcycle tire 17 times ( in 2 minutes each ) and a bicycle tire around 11 times ( 3.40 minutes each top up time ) . The tire inflator device can be easily recharged thought the included USB cable 
    • UNIVERSAL- The smart tire inflator is suitable for inflating all types of tires of cars , motorcycles , Harleys , cycles , a football and even your domestic swimming pool . The universal nozzle set makes it very versatile and the preset pressure setting adds to the convenience 
    • LED DISPLAY | TOUCH BUTTONS - The smart LED Display clearly shows the data of the tire pressure , inflation speed , vehicle type and the remaining battery life . Smart touch buttons are very easy to use and you can change the settings according to the situation 
    • HOW TO USE- Using this portable tire inflator will be one of the best experiences you'll ever have and tech lovers would surely appreciate it . You just have to install the designated nozzle pin , connect the nozzle to the tire , press the button and done - leave the rest to this device . If you have any technical issues about the working of this device , just mail us or DM us on Instagram 
    • PORTABLE- Being very lightweight and portable - this digital tire inflator can be easily carried in the trunk of your car or in he dashboard . Its also great for camping and cycling trips and proves to be a lot of use there 
    • THE BUILT AND DESIGN  - Being built from premium industrial grade aluminium and zinc , the tire inflator is highly durable and provides unparalleled efficiency . The gorgeous matte design with an equally elegant glass screen details certainly puts this gadget in the category of best car accessories ever . This is one of our staff picks and you can blind buy it on our recommendation 

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