H&C® 5000 pa Car Vacuum Cleaner | Premium Edition

Keep you car clean and tidy with the most efficient and cool looking car vacuum cleaner . Not only will you able blown away by the gorgeous matte design but also the smart cleaning function it provides 
    • SMART VACUUM CLEANING- The H&C car vacuum cleaner has inbuilt RM32 sensor chips which can detect the host material and dust particles and carries out intelligent cleaning based on the data . The result is that you get an efficient uniform cleaning of your car in just a matter of minutes 
    • 5000 PA STRONG SUCTION- The 5000 pa strong suction cyclone motor is coupled with a triple layered filter thus it can suck and remove all types of dust particles , granules , food leftovers , hair etc. very easily 
    • ONE KEY START | EASY TO USE- The portable car vacuum cleaner is really very simple to use . The design is clever and is supported to vacuum on one side and blow on the other . Being handheld , you just have to switch a button , move the vacuum cleaner on the area you want to clean and you are good to go . The cleaning is done in AI marked squares so its very uniform 
    • LONG NOZZLE EXTENSION - The long nozzle extension that comes with the car vacuum cleaner helps to clean hard to reach areas and also the spaces between seats , below the storage area , inside the air vents etc. 
    • LARGE DUST TANK- The 60 ml debris storage dock is industry standard and can easily provide about 7-8 full cleans before you would have to empty it out .  The HEPA filter bracket is washable and reusable maximising the life of the product 
    • RECHARGEABLE AND CORDLESS  - Its a cordless vacuum cleaner which really adds to the convenience and you can use it anywhere anytime without any difficulty . The inbuilt 2500 mAh lithium battery provides a remarkable battery life of 35-50 minutes ( approx. ) and you can recharge it through the included USB cable 
    • DESIGN & BUILT- The premium grade ABS + aluminium built coupled with the Beryllium alloy suction motor gives the device a superior quality promising years of durability . The minimalistic polished design ( comes in 3 vibrant colours ) looks great in cars and is one of the best car accessories of 2021 
    • PORTABLE - The vacuum cleaner is compact and portable and can be placed in your dashboard , back seat or the front dock
    • MULTIPURPOSE-The wireless vacuum not just has its application for cars but also is an excellent cleaning device for sofas , PC keyboards and office desks . The portable mini design with the perfectly designed opening makes it very versatile and thus suitable for all situations   
    • TECH SPECS- Size ( 25 x 10 x 10 cm. ) , Weight : 760 g , Power - 60 W , Sound - 75 db noiseless , input current - DC5V/2A ( Max ) , charging port - USB C Type 

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