Advanced Phone / Tablet / iPad Mount for Car

Tired of those long, boring back seat drives ??? Don't worry , we got you covered. This advanced 360° silicone iPad mount for tablets , phones and iPads  will let you enjoy your favourite movies and videos in the car . So just mount your iPad , sit back and relax 
    • AUTOMATIC MOUNTING- The automatic clamps can be adjusted to support your gadgets and you can mount your phone , iPad or tablet easily on the car stand . Just simply take your device and put it in the holder . The tablet stand for car will adjust itself to support its whilst providing maximum support and stability 
    • WORD'S MOST SECURE IPAD STAND- Safety and angular grip is the major feature if this iPad / tablet car mount . The triple Vohlorn angle technology with extended quad silicone sides gives a 100% protection to your phone or iPad and there is absolutely no risk of falling or damage to the device ( even in case of emergency braking ) . You can thus mount your iPad easily without putting in risk your 500 USD 
    • 360° ROTATION - Advanced gyro 360° rotation for comfortable viewing according to your preference . The flexible neck with integrated stabilizer makes it perfect for all situations and you can adjust the iPad mount according to your needs 
    • UNIVERSALLY COMPATIBLE WITH ALL PHONES , IPADS AND TABLETS  - You need only one car mount for iPads , tablets and phones regardless of the size of cover thickness . Because of the inbuilt expandable bracket , it can be opened exactly to the size of your device .  When horizontal , its a great iPad / tablet mount and when vertically rotated , it becomes an awesome phone mount for cars
    • SILICONE PAD | NO SCRATCHES ON PHONE SURFACE  - The premium grade mat surface with plated silicone makes sure that there are no scratches or marks on your phone's surface 
    • SNAP SWITCH , EASY TO INSTALL- The snap switch mechanism makes it very easy to install the car mount on the neck of the front sets . You just have to take the tablet stand and slightly push it on the neck . It makes a light pinch sound and firmly grips to the neck using dual pressure technology 
    • THE MATERIAL USED - Being designed from the highest quality ABS and silicone , the iPad car mount guarantees years of unparalleled efficiency and durability ( we have been writing this line for the 568th time 😅 ) . Its one of the most useful car gadgets and accessories and is a great gift idea too