Mafby® Electric Lighter for Car | Plasma Arc Lighter

Frost lue
Matte Black
Going for a long drive or car camping trip ? Then you really can't forget to carry this super cool electric plasma lighter with you . Whether you wanna enjoy your cigar or you need to burn some candles for a night tent , this flameless lighter has got you covered !!!
    • PLASMA ARC TECHNOLOGY- The electric lighter works on dual arc plasma mechanism . The arc lighters uses an instant spark to create a plasma conduit between the RN2 electrodes, which is then maintained by a lower voltage . The flameless purple hued spark ( which looks really cool ) can light up any candle , cigarette or anything in a millisecond and the lighting is much more efficient , safe and stylish
    • 100% FLAMELESS THUS SAFE- As it works on electric current rather than volatile flame , its much more safer and easy to carry than the traditional lighters. Also as it doesn't contain any toxic butane , there is no risk of spilling of hazardous liquid . Electric Lighters are really a great and more secure alternative to gas lighters and everyone should start considering the replacement . Another safety feature is the magnetic closing lid on the top which prevents any accidental plasma arc or fire 
    • WINDPROOF AND WEATHER RESISTANT- Again as it contains no flame , it can be used easily even in rough weather conditions , wind or rain and is thus a very useful camping accessory too 
    • USB CHARGING- The inbuilt 300 mAh lithium chip provides a remarkable battery life of about 3 days and can be easily recharged thought the included USB cable . It can also be charged by just connecting to your power bank and takes only around 45 minutes to fully charge 
    • COOL LED LIGHTING- The smart touch button coupled with a breathing RGB ring light takes the style to another level . The 4 LED indicators tell the remaining battery life thus adding to the convenience 
    • DESIGN AND BUILT- The Mafby® Plasma Lighter is probably the most badass and cool looking electric lighter ever designed . The one of its kind cylindrical design integrated into an equally high quality metal built certainly puts it in the category of best arc lighter of the year 
    • HOW TO USE-  The electric lighter is so simple to use . When charged , open the top lid , press the smart touch button and a dual purple hued arc will be generated . Just bring the cigarette tip into the arc and it will catch fire in a millisecond . Also when turned on it creates a addicting current like sound which feels amazing