Baseus® Bluetooth Receiver for Car + Fm Transmitter

Making you car's interior smarter and more hitech ? Then this smart bluetooth receiver with inbuilt FM transmitter and intelligent dual ports is certainly the gadget for you 
    • UPGRADE YOUR CAR'S MUSIC SYSTEMS- If you car's stereo does not has inbuilt Bluetooth support , then this Bluetooth adapter for car has got you covered . You just have to plug this mini gadget into your car's front port and boom - you just transformed your car's stereo 
    • HD SOUND DECODING- The dual Maxer® AI decoding technology delivers the most crisp and stereo sound quality and doesn't suppress the sound of your stereo like it is in the case of many other crappy bluetooth adapters . The Baseus® Adapter is industry standard and thus provides the best bluetooth transmission support 
    • BLUETOOTH 5.0 | UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY - Being powered by Bluetooth 5.0 , the adapter for car is compatible with all your devices including Android , iOS , Tablets and Laptops 
    • DUAL PORT CHARGING AND USB DRIVE- The bluetooth transmitter supports simultaneous charging of two devices . One port is a Quick Charge 3.0 Port  ( which charges the phone 2.4 times faster than any other charger ) and the other one is turbo USB . You can thus also plug in your USB Flash Drive and it becomes very convenient when you don't have your phone around or you wanna hear a pre-loaded playlist 
    • ALSO A FM TRANSMITTER - The proprietary RN32 transmission mechanism makes this device an excellent FM transmitter as well . The local radio frequencies are automatically calibrated and saved and you can also change the channels easily 
    • ONE TOUCH CONTROL - The array of smart touch controls is the feature that makes this car bluetooth adapter the most innovative gadget in its category . You can answer or hang up calls by single touch , change volume and song section by rotating the top and also adjust the FM frequency . Not only it makes you life much more easier but also feels very cool and gives that techy vibes to your car 
    • LED DISPLAY - Large Led Display with motion scanning technology so the night view is also more clear and you can monitor the settings according to your preference 
    • HD MICROPHONE | HANDS FREE CALLING- The upgraded inbuilt microphone lets you enjoy hands free calling and access Siri and Google Voice Assistant while driving 
    • HOW TO USE- The Baseus Bluetooth Adapter for car is really very simple to use . Just plug the adapter in your car's front port , pair it with your phone's bluetooth and you are good to go. You can now listen to your favourite songs and podcasts on the go . This is really one of the most useful car accessories and even if you car has zero capacity in terms of bluetooth and FM , this little gadget is there for you 
    • VOLTAGE DETECTION , AUTOMATIC CALIBRATION -When the car is switched on , the battery voltage can be automatically detected to ensure safety and the FM settings can be also preset 
    • COOL DESIGN AND PREMIUM BUILT -Its probably one of the best looking car bluetooth adapters on the market . The minimalistic matte design with a premium aluminium alloy is perfect for you car and certainly adds to the aesthetic aspect of it  

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