BASEUS® Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner - Wireless Edition

Struggling to keep your car neat and tidy ? Don't worry we have something to make your life easier . This smart vacuum cleaner by Baseus® is specially designed for cleaning every inch of your car and the fun part is that it won't even take two minutes . Its our staff pick for the ' best vacuum cleaner for car ' and you can blind buy this on our recommendation
    • RATED NO 1 - The Baseus® car vacuum cleaner is by far the most advanced , robust and easy to use cordless device for car cleaning . Its hi-tech vacuum technology and superior design truly makes it one of the best car accessories you can own . Its the first car vacuum cleaner to feature a triple filter mechanism ( Primary Filter + HEPA Filter + Bracket ) and thus the cleaning you get is unmatchable
    • 5000 PA STRONG SUCTION -The inbuilt R32 Core 10 chip gives the car vacuum cleaner a 5000 pa strong suction force and thus it can clean the car fully and remove even the minutest granules, dust , food particles , pet hair , debris in a matter of seconds . The vacuuming is FSR rated and is thus perfect for all types of car's interior and seats
    • INTELLIGENT INBUILT SENSORS - This is a smart car vacuum cleaner which means that the inbuilt Gtech® sensors can detect the size and volume of the target material and vacuums according to that so you achieve a highly efficient and uniform cleaning of the car
    • FLEXIBLE EXTENSION HOSE - The included outer brush and flexible long extension can be used to clean hard to reach areas and corners and sides of the spaces between the seats , below the dashboard etc.
    • REALLY SIMPLE TO USE - Ease of use is the major USP of Baseus® Vacuum Cleaner . Its handheld and small as a thermos . Just hold it in your hand , tun on the switch , choose the vacuum mode and slowly start moving it along the area you want to clean . The suction is powerful yet leather friendly and you can thus stay assured about the safety of your car's interior . The operation is noiseless ( 75 db ) thus adding to the convenience
    • 60 ML GARBAGE BIN - The cleaner is designed to allot maximum space to the storage dock . The 60 ml super large bin is perfect for big SUVs too and can be easily emptied after every week or so
    • WIRELESS AND RECHARGEABLE - No cords or wires used for cleaning which makes the cleaning operation very easy and comfortable . The inbuilt 6000 mAh provides a remarkable battery life of around 5 days and can be recharged thought the included USB cable ( it takes 1.15 hours to fully charge the car vacuum cleaner ) .
    • BUILT AND DESIGN - The aviation grade suction motor integrated with a gorgeous matte design ( pure aluminium + ABS ) gives it a sleek and minimalistic design and looks great in your car . Being built from the highest quality certified material , its weather resistant and guarantees years of unparalleled efficiency and durability . The Baseus® Car vacuum cleaner also won the DDE Design Award 2021 and was featured in the AF listing as well
    • PORTABLE HANDHELD - Being very small and lightweight , its really very easy to use and carry it in your car . The vacuum cleaner can be stored in the car dashboard or the trunk and used anytime as per suitability
    • MULTIPURPOSE - This is not just a great vacuum cleaner for car but also useful for cleaning sofas , study tables , computer keyboards and office desks . The premium design with perfectly sized front opening makes it versatile and thus suitable for all situations

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