Its time that you take your gaming to the next level with these gaming exclusive headphones from Zapboy
    • DESIGNED FOR GAMING- The Zapboy® Gaming Headphones are one of the most respected gaming hardwares and are also featured in the AFES's list of Top 10 Gaming Gear
    • THE SOUND- The inbuilt Maxr® Microchips coupled with the external drivers provide the most high quality gaming sound and true immersive base
    • WIRED CONNECTION- 3.0 VA Wired Connection for anti- lag and seamless connectivity
    • COMFORT- The Zapboy® headphones are ergonomically designed to give long hours of listening and gaming comfort
    • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILTY- Compatible with all types of PCs, Laptops, PS4 and Tablets
    • HIDDEN MICROPHONE- Adjustable volume control buttons and hidden microphone for gaming in real time and in-game conversation
    • SUSPENSION BOOM- Intelligent suspension beam which boosts headset freedom and comfort
    • ULTRA COOL DESIGN- The dynamic and robust design coupled with the ultra cool LED Gradient is perfect for your gaming room