Xiaomi® Wrist Trainer

Are you also facing wrist pain because of long working hours ?? Don't worry- we got you covered . This smart Gyro Trainer from Xiaomi® with its gyroscopic forearm technology , will surely do the task for you !!!
    • PREMIUM PRODUCT -This is a high tech product designed essentially for hand exercise and is thus highly efficient
    • DECOMPRESSION GYRO TECHNOLOGY- The device works on decompression gyro technology to enhance your motor movements , reduce stress and strengthen your wrist and arm muscles
    • BLOOD CIRCULATION- The dual gyro circulation core effectively charges up the blood circulation and improve the overall strength of the wrist and arms
    • NO BATTERY REQUIRED- The most amazing part is that the LED Lights are not powered by any batteries but your mechanical strength . As soon as you start spinning the gyro ball also starts motion and lights up the LED Lights
    • COOL GEOMETRICS- The specially designed LED Geometrics with electroplating mechanism creates very cool effect 
    • ELECTROPLATED CORE- The core is built of electroplated alloy lined with automatic elastic silicone thus providing it military grade strength
    • RELIEVES SORENESS- The gyro ball relieves fatigues , wrist pains , arm pains and enhanced training of wrist and hands
    • ERGONOMIC GEOMETRY- The gyro ball in specially designed to give extreme comfort and flexibility
    • ZERO NOISE- The metallic silicone core prevents any noise dissipation and is suitable even when you are sitting idle in public
    • PORTABLE- Being very lightweight and portable , the gyro ball can be carried easily while travelling
    • CAUTION-While the inner ball is spinning , don't try to stop with your finger . Either stop it with a cloth or set it stop automatically

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