SmithersĀ® Splitter Hub ( Limited Edition )

Isn't this the coolest USB splitter ever ?? And not only its good looking but it is also awesome in it's operation and thus surely has a place on the tables of the tech lovers
    • šŸš— LEVEL OF CRAFTMANSHIP -The true tech lovers will be able to see the level of craftsmanship and detail behind this little gadget
    • šŸš—FOUR WAY SPLITTER- This hub expands your normal laptop port into 4 USB ports so you can carry out all your tasks efficiently
    • šŸš—ULTRA FAST TRANSMISSION - Because of the inbuilt dual microchips the transmission speed is crazy high ( about 100 mb/sec )
    • šŸš—DESIGNED FOR MACBOOK- Unlike other unreliable crappy hubs in the market, this one is full functional and smoothly compatible with MacBook Pro and Air
    • šŸš—DUST PROOF- The outer anti stay technology prevents any collection of dust and other particles and keeps your cables intact
    • šŸš—DON'T WORRY ABOUT THE WHEELS- Don't worry this car won't drag on its own because of the anti rotatory wheels
    • šŸš—PREMIUM PRODUCT -This is a very high quality product manufactured using most efficient material to deliver you uncompromised efficiency and compatibility