Wireless Charger Stand - Cute Elephant Edition

Introducing Alsiun® Pro - the coolest wireless charger stand in the world. Not only you will be amazed by its super cool design but also the ultra fast wireless charging technology this charger features
    • CUTE ELEPHANT DESIGN - The cool creative design shaped as a small elephant looks very attractive and provides more stability to the phone . It will be the coolest looking think in your home and you will surely love it 
    • SPEED OF CHARGING- Being powered by our patented M113 chip and dual coil placement , the wireless charging is 1.8 times faster than any other wireless charger on the market 
    • PHONE HOLDER -This wireless charger stand not only works as a charging device but also as an efficient phone holder . The 135° placement angle gives greater stability to your phone and thus you can watch movies , podcasts , listen to music more comfortably and also while the phone is being charged 
    • COMPATIBLE WITH ALL PHONES- This wireless charger is compatible with all smartphones which support wireless charging and works with both Android and iOS 
    • NON SLIP SILICONE MAT- The wireless charger stand is lined with high quality silicone which prevents any scratches or marks on your phone case 
    • HORIZONTAL OR VERTICAL - The phone can be placed either vertically or horizontally which provides more convenience while using 
    • ZERO HEAT | SAFE CHARGING  -The SHO radiator technology eliminates any scope of heat dissipation and provides smooth safe wireless charging thus eliminating any risk of damage to the phone battery which is the case with many wireless chargers 
    • PREMIUM BUILT - This is a premium product by Grey Technologies and is manufactured using very high quality material , providing it industry standard durability and efficiency