Wesfair® Latte Art Pen

Seriously guys , latte art could never have been so easier without this pen . And don't forget to share your designs with us on Instagram !!!
    • ☕️PRECISION TECHNOLOGY- The electric pen releases precise amounts of material or chocolate powder and thus allows you to make awesome creative latte art on your coffee
    • ☕️ELECTRIC PEN SINGLE CLICK- The pen can be controlled with a single touch button thus making it very easy to use
    • ☕️EASY OPERATION- You just have to fill the ground material or chocolate powder in the pen and then click on the button to draw amazing designs
    • ☕️THE BATTERY LIFE- As the pen is operated on two mini cells , the battery lasts for about 1 year
    • ☕️THE BUILT- Being created from the highest quality material, the pen is highly durable and efficient
    • ☕️MULTI PURPOSE- Not only coffee but the pen can also be used to create design for plating , breakfast , snacks , pepper designs etc.